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Supplier of displays for sales promotion and point-of-sale solutions sought by German wholesaler

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A German wholesaler is searching for new sales promoting display solutions to present specific pet articles in their retailer shops worldwide. They want to get in contact with experienced supplier or manufacturer of point-of-sale displays, made of various materials and for several purposes. Of particular interest are display solutions with sustainable materials as metal, wood, recyclable plastic or cardboard. The German company is willing to cooperate under supplier or manufacturing agreements.



This German company is a European market leader for pet supplies. The company is a wholesaler who provides about 6,500 non-food articles for dogs, cats, birds, small animals and reptiles to more than 8,500 retailers in nearly 90 countries worldwide. With the aim to guarantee highest quality, the products are tested in house and customer complaints are considered carefully. Further the company offers customer-oriented logistics services and ensures fast delivery to their retailers.
With the aim to support their retailers at the point of sale in the shops the company offers a range of sales-promoting solutions for their pet articles. The company is always looking for new suitable display solutions for their products which they can offer their retailer.
Currently the company is working on new point-of-sale solutions for their products and is looking for supplier and manufacturing partners for following projects:
1. Metal presenter for pet food underlays
These displays, made of light metal, shall present specific pet food underlays in the retailer shop. These displays could have about 4 flat drawers (baskets or shelfs) to present the different types of underlays (like shown in the enclosed example picture). The company is open for new design solutions. They are looking for a partner who can produce or supply this metal presenter in quantities around 250 / 500 / 1,000 pieces.
2. Metal presenter for wooden boxes for dog snacks
To present wooden boxes with dog snacks in the retailer shop a custom-made metal shelf or presenter is needed. It should be freestanding, stable and carry 3 boxes in an angle that the dog snacks are visible to the customer. The boxes have the dimensions 400mm x 330mm x 500mm. The enclosed picture shows an example for this kind of metal presenter. But the company is open for other variants or other options. They are looking for a partner who can produce or supply this presenter in larger quantity (around 250 - 1000 pieces).
3. Transparent lids to cover boxes for dog snacks in shops
The requested articles are covers for dog snack boxes at the point-of-sale in the shops, as odor protection and to preserve the snacks against insect infestation. The snack boxes are made of grass cardboard and the company is looking for transparent lids made of sustainable material (for example recyclable plastics). The lids are requested to cover boxes in two seizes and shall have the dimensions of 440mm x 283mm and 335mm x 220mm. The company is looking for a partner who can produce or supply the requested lids in quantities of 2,500 / 5,000 / 10,000 pieces.
4. Display with plug connection to present various pet articles
A wooden display (or of wood-based materials) with plug connection, which makes it easy to build up and dismantle in the retailer shop. The display should have a topper for graphics and a perforated metal backwall, where various pet articles can be placed, for example toys and collars for dogs. The dimensions of the display are shown in the enclosed picture. A lamination of the display should be optional. The display should be delivered in a flat cardboard boxes. The company is looking for a partner who can produce or supply this displays in quantities of 500 / 750 / 1,000 pieces.

Besides these products the company is also interested in new point of sales display solutions. Normally these displays are made of metal, wood, cardboard or plastic. But the company is much interested in innovative solutions with new sustainable materials.
The company is looking to cooperate with supplier and manufacturer of point-of-sale displays. The prospective cooperation partner should have experience with sales promoting displays, the production and packaging and be able to deliver these items in bigger quantities (usually from 250 pieces). The company is interested in a long-term cooperation under manufacturing or supplier agreement.

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- Experience in international trade, as the company cooperates with many partners from foreign countries. - Broad portfolio of retailer and customer worldwide. - Display solutions for the point-of-sale sought out of various materials, as metal, wood, recyclable plastic or cardboard. - Open for innovative solutions and new sustainable materials

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The company wants to find cooperation partners who have experience in the production of sales-promoting display solutions.

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The company wants to find cooperation partners, supplier or manufacturers, who have experience in the production of sales-promoting displays as well as the packaging and delivery of this articles. Currently the company is searching for the above described point-of-sale articles. But cooperation partner offering displays made of other materials are also welcome, especially with innovative solutions and new sustainable materials. The future partner should be able to deliver these displays in bigger quantities (from 250 pieces up to 1000 pieces). The German company is interested in establishing a supplier or manufacturing agreement and in partnerships on a long-term basis.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


Example project 1 - metal presenter for pet food underlays


Example project 2 - metal presenter for wooden boxes with dog snacks


Example project 3 - transparent lids to cover boxes


Example project 4 - Display with plug connection to present various pet articles