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Swedish consulting business service provider seeks commercial agents for candidate screening and second opinion

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A Swedish consulting business service provider is looking for commercial agents in Europe. The company provides sales training as well as quick and reliable on-line services such as candidate screening and second opinions based on over 40 years of clinical psychological research on how fear affects business behaviour. The company has experience from these tools and products in Europe since 2000.



A Swedish consulting business service provider, primarily focused on helping companies improve their sales productivity, is looking for commercial agents throughout Europe.
The company focuses on two key areas, in which they are specialized:

• A psychometric test, based on precise research of psychological barriers that can be identified at some stage of sales prospecting or business development process, experienced by many sales people and professionals in contact dependent situations.
• Initiating behavioral change programs which can quickly and effectively eliminate those barriers once they have been properly diagnosed by the psychometric test.

The company offers proper assessment tools and unique world training programs specifically designed to identify and effectively overcome psychological barriers due to sales call reluctance.
These tools can be used when recruiting sales personal as well as for training existing sales force. The strength of the company's business concept is its ability to combine good science, sound psychological applications and excellent customer service and support.

The partnership:
The partner, the commercial agent, will get the rights to sell the concept, as well as the tests including results. The partner will buy the screening tests and other tools from the Swedish company, which in its turn will give support 24/7. Each partner has to take a mandatory training before starting to sell the services provided.
Exclusive rights for a country cannot be given to the partner. End clients can turn directly to the Swedish company to purchase their services.

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The tools offered are unique, has no competitors and are based on onging research. The tools are in recognizing what may be at fault within a company's sales or marketing team and can provide tailor made, call reluctance sales training workshops to target and overcome the problem in order to create a fully sufficient sales team. These services have succeeded to help clients predict high and low sales producers with up to 73% accuracy. As providers to the consultancy industry the Swedish company offers 24/7 service, recognized as the best service provider in their industry by their clients. Know how: The Swedish company provides quick and reliable on-line services such as Candidate Screening and Second Opinion based on more than 40 years of clinical psychological research how fear affects business behavior. The tools and research are acknowledged by SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology) for having an extreme high quality. Research is still ongoing.

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This company is looking for commercial agents throughout Europe. The partner will be working towards other consultants as well as end clients. There will be one partner per country but multiple consultants (as free agents), so no exclusive rights. Suitable partners are established companies working with sales training or equivalent, perhaps specialists in recruiting. Important characteristics are entrepreneurship and strong sales drive. Every partner must attend the company's four-day training, therefore fluency in English is required. The Swedish company offers service and sales support 24/7. They will also provide training material in each country's own language. A typical end client for the partner could be a company that wants to increase revenue and reach a level of prosper growth. For example, by increasing the number of prospect contacts achieved by the sales department. End clients can be found in many different industries and settings, including; banking, mortgage banking, telecommunications, software development, computer manufacturing, pharmaceutical sales, insurance, automobile sales, real estate, capital investments, transport and logistics companies, agriculture, consulting, human resources and psychological counselling. Good referrals from different industries are available.