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A Swedish engineering consultancy offering CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) calculations and simulation is looking for subcontracting or outsourcing partnerships.

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A Swedish engineering consultancy company, specialised in calculation and simulation, offers its Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technology support to the manufacturing and construction industry. The company is looking to outsource or subcontract its expertise in design optimisation to international partners for a commercial, joint venture or technical cooperation agreement.



A Swedish innovative CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) consultancy company has extensive experience in finite element analysis. Its experts have dealt with a large variety of structures ranging from miniscule parts in hearing aids to large and heavy parts on wind turbines and platforms.

The company provides engineering services B2B within the area of finite element analysis, multibody dynamics simulation and virtual prototyping. The services include design support, structural design, stress & strain analysis, fatigue, durability, thermal and seismic analysis and analysis of sound and vibration.

With over a century's worth of combined experience in finite element analysis, the company has the technical know-how to handle challenges efficiently and to the highest standards.

The company is looking for subcontracting or outsourcing partnerships. For example, a company needing extra or expert CAE support could subcontract or outsource part of, or their entire project to the Swedish company. This could be because of temporarily excessive workload or lack of expertise in the existing workforce.

The Swedish company would like to grow its business by establishing long-term international partnerships in the manufacturing and construction industry through subcontracting and outsourcing (commercial, joint venture or technical cooperation agreement).

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The use of simulation in the design process can bring many benefits that will save both time, money and your company's or product's reputation. • With an increasing requirement to produce designs in shorter cycles, reduced time-to-market has become the foremost business pressure that drives the adoption of simulation in design. Because simulation allows designs to be tested virtually, the reduced reliance upon physical testing and prototyping and the consequent time saving means you can effectively bring your designs to market sooner. • Manufacturing costs money and testing can also be very expensive. Besides saving time, reducing the testing overhead by using simulation to verify your designs will also mean that you will be able to significantly reduce the expense of manufacturing and testing prototypes. • Through virtual design experimentation, faster innovation can become a reality with the help of simulation. Simulation can position you ahead of the competition by helping you to improve your current products, create high quality new products and so better serve your customers. • A major concern these days is the rising price of materials. Use of simulation can minimize the amount of material used in a design by optimizing it to be as strong as it needs to be and eliminating wasteful overdesign. More than that, it is also possible to evaluate the performance of other less expensive materials in the design, bringing further potential savings. • Product recalls and product failure in the field is not only very expensive, it also can cause immeasurable damage to the reputation of your company as well as the product itself. Simulating your product designs in the virtual world, where design flaws can be discovered and rectified in a timely manner before the design goes into production, can increase the quality of the design, eliminate costly recalls later, and increase the reputation of the company and product.

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Already on the market

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Type of partner sought: Industry Specific area of activity of the partner: Looking for a business partner within the manufacturing and construction industry, manufacturing everything from small parts in hearing aids to large parts on wind turbines and offshore platforms. Tasks to be performed: Subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250