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Swedish outdoor brand looking for a manufacturer of textile gear in Europe

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Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes


The Swedish company is looking for a CMT (cut, make and trim) manufacturer to produce quilted and insulated outdoor blankets. Experience with manufacturing outdoor gear such as sleeping bags, hammocks or similar, would be appreciated. The manufacturer should be able to sew with techniques such and double stitching. Furthermore, the manufacturer should be based in Europe, for example in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, or Portugal.



The company was launched by a Swedish couple in 2018. The idea behind the company is to invent durable and high-quality products such as travel hammocks, sleeping bags and outdoor blankets.

They are now looking for a European experienced textile CMT (cut, make and trim) manufacturer that can produce quilted and insulated outdoor blankets. The sought after partner should be able to sew with techniques such as double stitching, attach snap buttons, and print logotypes on the fabric. Please see attachment for more detailed information.

Initially, they will order 1000 pcs (approximately 6000 meters of fabric).

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Technical requirements are: - CMT production (cut, make and trim) - Ability to sew double cover stitching (meaning that it needs to look the same on both sides of fabric) - Ability to attach 10 mm snap buttons - Having the machines to handle sewing in 72 gsm nylon, insulation and creating quilt patterns - Two fabrics are quilted together with insulation in the middle - Fabric: polyester and nylon

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Already on the market

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The Swedish company is looking for a manufacturer that has the ability of the full cut, make and trim process for different types of outdoor blankets. The manufacturer should have some prior experince with similar textile products. The potential partner should have experience within textile outdoor gear, and have the ability to create quilt patterns and attach snap buttons, as well as print logotype on fabric. The fabric should be polyester and nylon. Quantities: 1000 units (approximately 6000 metres of fabric)

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SME 11-50


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Czechia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal


Two fabrics are quilted together with insulation in the middle.


Double cover stitch, 10 x 10mm metal snap buttons.


Bag made of nylon. Closed like a regular sleeping bag pouch.