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Swedish provider of cutting-edge solutions for innovation management and collaborative organizational processes is seeking software providers and consulting companies under commercial agency agreement

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The Swedish SME provides a cloud-based innovation and ideation management software platform, with real-time digital activities that enable fast and digital innovative activities such as workshops and collection of feedback and opinions. This in turn results in an editable report. With this platform, the innovation management is enabled for teams and across organisations. The company is seeking partnership through commercial agent or licence agreement to expand international sales.



The Swedish SME was founded in 2018, with the business idea that innovation cannot prosper without ideation and effective collaboration.

It is critically important for the businesses of today and tomorrow to continuously generate new, ground-breaking ideas. But for many companies, generating ideas can be hindered by various factors; organizations might be geographically dispersed, entrenched perspectives are the only ones that ever seem to get heard and established hierarchies only allow certain managers to engage. In addition, processes for generating and fostering ideas are often conducted using inefficient analogue processes or rigid digital tools.

Research shows that if more participants from different backgrounds and disciplines are invited to contribute with ideas, and more focus is spent reflecting on the ideas themselves, the more successful idea processes become. Gathering broader views, perspectives and opinions without focusing on the person or people behind the idea itself enables participants to work more open-mindedly and without bias.

Most companies have no organized solution that allows participation in an open, interactive, real time innovation process that has engaging and dynamic features, synchronized tools and communication channels - all in one place.

The SME offers a platform for digital ideation and idea collection, making it easy for companies and organizations to integrate important innovation management into a more efficient, agile and engaging process.

The company’s platform, and its integrated smart tools, makes it possible to efficiently generate, collect and process opinions and ideas in real time with an unlimited number of anonymous participants. The service supports the generation of ideas for solving problems faster and finding business opportunities more effectively and engaging than other standard services available today. The solution is easy to integrate into existing organisational systems and workflows.

How it works
The online workboard is the gathering point for all collaborative activities. Participants are invited and challenged with problems, visions, missions etc in relation to the company’s products, services, processes and strategies. Participants generate and post their ideas on the workboard. They also get an overview of the ideas posted by others, and are able to evaluate ideas by voting and ranking them in a user-friendly process. The organizer can create polls and reports which can then lay the foundations for objectives, decision-making or further deeper dialogue.

The service is available at Microsoft AppSource and is totally integrated with Microsoft Teams.

The SME has successfully implemented several projects in the domain of ideation and innovation management in the manufacturing industry and public sector.

The SME is now expanding internationally and is seeking partners to collaborate with for making the expansion effective and commercially beneficial for both parties. Specific companies of interest are software providers and consulting companies interested in providing digital offerings to their customers under commercial agency or licensing agreement.
The partner is expected to handle the following tasks:
- Connecting with companies in target markets
- Providing additional services/consulting (if required by the client)
- Partnering and collaborating with the SME to jointly provide digital solution to prospective client.

Through this collaboration the partner can benefit from additional revenue through the collaborative offering of the software solution for ideation and innovation management. At the same time the partner can enhance relationships with their clients by providing additional value-adding offerings.

Main target markets are:
• Innovation Consultants
• Creative PR agencies
• Large companies
• Public sector
• Digital event and workshop companies

Advantages & innovations

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The service offers collaborative interactive workflows, channels, communication and structure, all-in-one, framing innovation opportunities and management. Features of the ideation and innovation management platform include: ● Easy to use – designed for intuitive and engaging user experiences and interaction ● Visualization - monitoring and sorting of ideas ● Accessibility - facilitates working remotely online - anywhere, anytime, anyone ● Collaboration - participants can work together and contribute to the development of ideas collectively ● Adaptation- customize formats and features ● Documentation of results - select reports that are fully editable which contain all data and insights from any activity. ● Technology – The platform is a web-based cloud solution, with an AI-powered engine ● The platform is completely GDPR-compliant. The platform will be available via smartphones, tablets, computers and digital big screens.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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GDPR Compliant

Stage of development

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Already on the market

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Types of partnership considered: License agreement, Commercial agency agreement The SME is also looking for partners to develop commercial agency agreements and license agreements who can access domestic and/or international markets in order to sell this innovative software solution. The partners sought can be: 
software providers, consulting companies, communication, creative and PR-agencies and business management companies with specific interest to provide innovation management and/or digital services to new and existing customers. The partner would provide market knowledge and the strategic connections to relevant companies with an interest in ideation- and innovation management, organisational and business development. The partner/s will have an important role for the company’s goal to reach 1 million active users by 2025. The benefits for the partner’s clients include: - Influencing work culture, including employees, in an open and agile creative process - Reduced risk of misguided ventures - Improved environmental sustainability with less meetings and travel - Reduced single individual efforts - Increased engagement - Monetary savings & efficiency Through this collaboration the partner can benefit from additional revenue through the collaborative offering of the software solution for ideation and innovation management. At the same time the partner can enhance relationships with their clients by providing additional value-adding offerings. The SME will provide the technology and service, and the partner its contacts and market knowledge of its respective country. Cooperation is envisaged under the following type of partnerships: Commercial agency agreement: the business partner will remain customer-facing. The partner and the SME will jointly lead prospective clients through the buying process. The partner will have the opportunity to provide complementary value-adding offerings and services (such as support and consulting services etc.), whereas the company provides the software. License agreement: the software offering will be provided through a license agreement. The partner is envisioned to be the contractor to the client, and the Swedish company will provide the required services and the software offering previously described. Details of the agreement are to be defined in discussions with the partner to meet the particular situation and requirements of the involved parties in the best possible way.

Type and size

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500