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Swedish startup is looking for a manufacturer of elastic lace trim and elastic silk piping for an innovative nursing top

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A Swedish startup, based just south of Stockholm, has designed a unique nursing top/tank for women breastfeeding their child. The design is innovative and totally unique thanks to the the discreet breastfeeding solution. The company is planning to sell the nursing top through an online shop and selected retailers, and are now looking for factories to conclude a manufacturing agreement for elastic lace trim and elastic silk piping.



The Swedish startup consists of an entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in the marketing field and 10 years as a project manager and key account manager. To ensure a successful and professional career transfer, she has taken in courses in fashion, design, sewing and entrepreneurship.

The nursing top will be manufactured in two colors and will be the company’s main product. However, the plan is to extend the offer with more colors and other types of clothing for nursing women.

The unique and innovative design makes breastfeeding easier and the top/tank can also be used after the breastfeeding period since it doesn’t look like a typical nursing top.

The company is now looking for a long-time manufacturing agreement. It is important that the manufacturer can both produce their smaller orders of today and scale up as the business grows.

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Besides the innovative and unique product, the company’s strength is their marketing knowledge and extended network after 18 years in the marketing business.

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Elastic lace trim The structure (thickness) of the lace is very important for an exclusive experience. It needs to be of a thicker kind and not just a completely flat, thin lace. Some parts need to be shiny and some matted. The edges should be dissimilar – the bottom edge of the lace should form bigger “waves”, and the top edge smaller “waves”, see attached pictures. It needs to be approximately 50-60 mm wide. Slightly wider or less wide might work. Note that the enclosed picture of the black lace hasn’t got the right kind of edges, as they are identical, but it shows the structure and shine. In a first order, the company wants to order around 100 meters of black elastic lace trim and 100 meters of off-white (or white). Elastic piping The entrepreneur is also looking for an exclusive type of piping. The piping should be slightly shiny in the front and have a soft backside which will be comfortable to wear next to sensitive skin. The ideal width would be 12 mm. In a first collaboration, the entrepreneur wants to order 200 meters of black and 200 meters of off-white (or white).

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Available for demonstration

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Type of partner sought: Industry Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: Manufacturing of elastic lace trim and/or elastic silk piping.