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System for filtration and desalination of water via ultrafiltration

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A Spanish research institution has developed a water filtration installation. It contains tanks designed to perform various functions with the great advantage of performing all the functions in the same tank without having to change installation. This installation is used, for example, in seawater desalination processes. Industrial partners from the hydraulic sector companies are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement.



A Spanish R&D institute has developed a water filtration system which offers several advantages over current technologies. The functions performed in such installation are: water filtration by means of ultrafiltration, water filtration by reverse osmosis and recycling of reverse osmosis membranes. There are two types of semi-permeable reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes. Reverse osmosis membranes after each water filtration to remove the brine present in it, are filled with particles and wear out. The same is true of ultrafiltration membranes. Instead of using a new replacement, the advantage that this technology offers over the current one is: recycling reverse osmosis membranes in ultrafiltration membranes in the tank itself. This achieves a significant saving, since only new spare parts of reverse osmosis membranes are used.

The installation consists of different elements: tanks and as a regulation system, valves and pumps. The different circuits are connected in the same installation. These are:

-Ultrafiltration circuit: transforms the raw water which contains particles in ultrafiltered water leaving them retained in the membrane.
-Backwash circuit: it is necessary to wash the membranes filled with particles dislodging retained particles.
-Reverse osmosis circuit: transforms ultrafiltered water into osmotized water eliminating the brine that is obtained.
-Recycling circuit. reconvert degraded reverse osmosis membranes into new ultrafiltration membranes.

The company is offering a patent license agreement to companies in the hydraulic sector, or those working with desalination, water filtration, hydraulic energy etc, who can use this technology in their facilities.

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Then main advantages are: - Installation is flexible in the number of tanks from which it is formed. - The possibility to perform different functions, without the need to change tank. - Recycling of reverse osmosis membranes already deteriorated into new ultrafiltration membranes optimizing costs. - This installation can be used for water filtration, for example, to carry out the desalination of seawater.

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Industrial partners from the hydraulic sector are being sought to collaborate through a patent licence agreement. The partner role will be: (i) produce the product and, (ii) commercialize the product.


Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis processes