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Technical cooperation offered to implement cutting edge pastry equipment to enhance food production lines

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A Dutch company active in producing industrial pastry solutions is searching partners in several EU countries to expand existing food production lines. Partners active in the production and manufacturing of food production lines in the following countries are sought: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the UK. The company is offering the partners a technical cooperation agreement.



The Dutch SME designs and develops powerful high-performance machines for the bakery industry since 2016. The company is not only active in the bakery line industry, but also designed and developed special cutting machines for partners in the butter and cheese industry. Furthermore, the company develops filling machines (depositors), continuous aerators, packaging and labelling machinery and transport systems.

Working in the food industry means complying with strict quality controls and health & safety regulations. The Dutch SME is up to date on all concerned rules and regulations, and knows how to implement it perfectly when building (bakery) machines.

The company would like to extend the current portfolio by offering food production line manufacturers a technical cooperation on specific cutting components to improve existing lines. The preferred partners are sought in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the UK. A technical cooperation agreement is offered by the company to the partners.

Advantages & innovations

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The food industry has strict quality, safety regulations and work methods. The Dutch SME understands and knows these rules and regulations. The company takes the following regulations into consideration: - IFS (International Food Standard) - BRC (British Retail Consortium) - HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) - Declaration of Compliance (EU 10/2011) - FDA approval (Food and Drug Administration USA) In industrial bakeries there is an increasing demand for turn-key machinery that is delivered "key-ready". The Dutch company provides advice, project management, implementation and process automation. For Industrial partners this means that they only have to work in close cooperation with the Dutch company to find the solution that suits best.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought is a designer/developer of food production line machines and searching for new ways to enhance/improve the already existing line with cutting edge components. The partner is expected to work with the Dutch company to develop the best possible solution to the food production line. A technical cooperation agreement is offered by the company to the partners.

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SME 11-50,251-500,SME 51-250


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Belgium, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom


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