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Technological tool that is able to scan social networks and detect critics, incidents or automatically obtain helpful information for an organization.

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The product consist in a technological tool developed in Malaga by a company specialized in technology and consulting services applied to public administrations in a smart city context. The platform is able to scan a whole social network within a predefined geographical limit. It automatically detects the comments that contain helpful information for an organization using semantic algorithms and image recognition software. The company seeks financial, techonological or commercial support.



The company was born in Malaga (Spain) and specialized in technological solutions for the public administration and smart cities as well as companies that want to improve their processes throughout the use of technology. The main objective is to facilitate communication with municipalities to improve the quality of life in the cities.
Developed tools allow to manage the maintenance of public spaces in a transversal way, integrating city technicians, managers, service providers and citizens, but always using what is understood as "formal" ways of communication.
It was noticed that, nowadays, citizens tend to use social networks to comment about the services of their cities or to criticize them. It was in this moment when the idea of analyzing this social networks searching for this useful comments popped out.
The product started as a prototype analizing Twitter searching for comments about Málaga cleaning service. This tool allows to automatically find this comments (through out semantic algorithms and image recognition software), classify them out in critics or an incident that can be solved and give an answer to the citizen in the same social network that was used to put the comment in the first place (from the tool itself).
With this process was achieved a descent of the critics (80% less) about this cleaning service and very high levels of incident detection which was very useful for the organization. This was achieved after the filtration of more than 90.000 tweets within the town of Málaga.
The tool is susceptible to be used by many different kinds of organizations that have certain impact in social networks and of course by cities around the world that want to analyze what do citizens think about their services.
A smart city should be capable of extracting vital information that most of the times remains undetected or unmanaged, with the risk that this represents for the public image of the administration, and be able to answer to citizens about their complaints.
The company wants to growth in foreign countries, especially European countries, and is looking for a commercial with technical assistance or financial agreement as well as a research or technical cooperation agreement. The aim is to find enterprises that want to use the tool in their activity and help the company to improve the tool with their tips coming from daily usage.

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The tool features "Machine Learning" technology. This means that it can improve the semantic algorithms itself after a period of human control. This allows the system to improve its efficiency and effectiveness levels automatically. The "image recognition software" allows to classify comments that do not even have words in it. Obtaining "words" that are related to the content of that image. With very little investment, any company can have a system that is continuously scanning the social networks in the search for useful information, giving them a very important advantage. The interaction with the users can be done directly through out the system, without having to access to the social network.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company seeks partners that can help them improve and expand the system. The biggest interest would be in a company that can give the enterprise financial or technological support or that want to use the tool in their activity and want to help improving it with their tips coming from daily usage and expanding it to interested organizations. Enterprises that work with public administrations, public administrations itself, and software or technological enterprises that are willing to help expanding the product. And also all kinds of enterprises that have certain impact in social networks and would like to find out what is their positioning in this network, throughout comment analysis.