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Technology for processing fallen leaves into paper

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A Ukrainian research and production company which developed a technology for production of pulp and paper made of fallen leaves is looking for partners to establish joint venture agreement or companies who wish to use this technology under a license agreement.



The Ukrainian research and production enterprise has developed a technology for processing fallen leaves into a pulp and further into paper.
The company aims to develop for cities low cost, highly profitable, technically simple and high-quality business model of the recycling fallen leaves to paper. The company wants to build up a sustainable and innovative treatment of the fallen leaves with subsequent production of paper with specially developed production enterprises situated near the cities.
The technology for producing cellulose - based on certain chemical reagents to dissolve most of the unnecessary components, as well as reducing solutions that provide optical whiteness to the fiber while preserving the fiber structure.
Company has found the way to obtain fiber in a new, industrial way by chemical-thermo-mechanical treatment of fallen leaves in special loosening mills - refiners without pressure and high temperatures
As a result of the processing of dry leaves, the high-quality, environmentally friendly, quickly decomposable paper could be obtained. This is a new type of paper, which with its consumer characteristics and appearance resembles ordinary paper. It can be printed, it can be used to make a variety of paper products.
Company offer this technology for settlements that have many parks, squares and problems with overcrowded landfills. The technology will be of interest to companies that are looking for facilities to invest in environmentally friendly technologies and want to contribute to the preservation of the environment, to the preservation of forests from deforestation, to paper companies looking for an alternative to traditional wood pulp and ways to reduce production costs to venture funds and other system investors looking for projects for investment with a high level of profitability and short payback periods.
Also the company is working on technology for manufacturing the fire safe laminate underlay made of fallen leaves.
Company interested in working under license agreement or establish joint venture.

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To produce 1 ton of paper, technology requires 2.3 tons of leaves. Technology does not use sulfate and sulfite-containing chemical compounds. This, on the one hand, reduces the cost of reagents, on the other hand, reduces the cost of treatment equipment, reduces emissions of pollutants. The reagents used in the technology neutralize each other during the manufacture of the pulp and, consequently, cause less damage. It is known that the production of cellulose requires a large amount of water and electricity. The advantage of technology is that it uses three times less water and half as much electricity.

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The main interested consumers of the technology are municipalities and municipal services of cities that need new technology for leaf disposal. Potential partners include paper companies that want to switch to alternative raw materials so as not to cut down trees. Strategic partners include organizations whose goal is to preserve forests, investing to the technology, they will receive an effective mechanism for saving trees. One of the stakeholders considering by company is venture funds that invest in environmental projects that can become successful.