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Turbine generators based on vortex turbines

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A Ukrainian University offers turbine generators based on vortex turbines which are a highly efficient source to produce electrical energy from the energy of compressed gas or steam and can be used for a wide range of purposes. The University is looking for partners interested in a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



A large amount of exergy of compressed gases and vapors is lost in the reduction units in various industries. Therefore, utilization systems based mainly on turboexpander-electric generating sets and units are a high-quality alternative to pressure regulators. These systems provide a simultaneous reduction and regulation of gas pressure during its expansion in a turboexpander as well as obtaining mechanical work on the shaft with its conversion to electricity.

The Ukrainian University has experience in developing scientific and technical products in the field of energy efficiency and experienced staff. It allows the University to implement highly efficient solutions. Also, at the University a research institute of energy-efficient technologies was formed. Research institute deals with the problems of energy efficiency, non-traditional and renewable energy, the impact of energy on the environment and sustainable development and popularization of research results.

The University proposes turbine generators based on vortex turbines designed to produce electrical energy from the energy of compressed gas or steam.

The turbine generator consists of:
 turbine expander based on a vortex turbine;
 electric generator;
 automatic control, monitoring and protection systems;
 systems of power connection and control of generated energy.

The main technical parameters of the prototype turbine generators based on vortex turbines are the following:
 rated power at the terminals of the generator – 3 kW;
 inlet gas pressure: 0.3-0.6 MPa (abs.);
 outlet gas pressure: 0.1-0.3 MPa (abs.);
 inlet gas temperature: 283-313 K;
 the nominal rotor speed of the turbine generator – 3000 rpm;
 gas flow rates – below 500 nm3/h;
 efficiency – above 40%.
The power at the terminals of the generator can be 10 kW with an increase in inlet pressure of 0.8-1.6 MPa and/or gas flow rates of 600-1500 nm3/h.

The turbine generators based on vortex turbines can be used as:
 energy-saving turbine generators for the utilization of the energy of compressed gases at gas distribution stations GDS), gas distribution and gas control points (GDP, GCP), compressor stations (CS), or steam reduction systems at energy centers of industrial enterprises and in public utilities;
 autonomous power sources for GDS, GDP, GCS, for cathodic protection of a gas pipeline (for example, an autonomous electric power source for powering automation equipment and protection systems, including electrochemical protection of gas-producing facilities);
 low-speed turbo-drives of turbine machines (compressors, pumps, fans, etc.).

The University is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with potential partners in the form of agreement for the development and/or delivery of equipment based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
If customers will be interested in the detailed consideration of the proposal, University is ready to provide services of scientific and technical advice and relevant materials, proving the effectiveness of project decisions after signing a protocol about the confidentiality of received information.

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The offered turbine generators are: - much simpler structurally and technologically and cheaper to manufacture and maintain; - reliable and easy to use compared to units based on conventional vane turbines; - nominal operating mode at lower speeds than conventional (centripetal and axial) turbines that makes it possible to create turbine generators in gearless design with a capacity of up to 500 kW; - operation is simplified and operating costs are reduced; - the total predicted service life of turbine generators is at least 200 thousand hours; - a payback period of turbine generators is 1-2 years; - 10-20% of the energy consumed by large chemical enterprises can be obtained (i.e. saved) using turbine generators.

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Type: company, institution, or any business associated with machine-building, chemical and food industry, and municipal services that require equipment to produce electrical energy from the energy of compressed gas or steam. Area of activity: machine-building industry, chemical and food industry, municipal services. Partner role: commercial cooperation in the development of turbine generators based on vortex turbines, purchase of equipment to improve of the technological process.