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Turkish air compressor manufacturer is looking for distributors.

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A Turkish air compressor manufacturer who is manufacturing direct-coupled compressors, frequency-controlled and consistent powered compressors is looking for distributors to conclude distribution services agreements.



The company was established in 1999 and is a manufacturer of industrial air compressors, air tanks and drying machines. The Turkish SME is offering its products in 3 series. These are the DA series, INV series and VEK series. The DA series products of the company are direct-coupled compressors. Fan systems are generally split into two. These are radial fans and axial fans. In direct-coupled compressors, direct-coupled fans are used and these are falling are under the category of radial fans. The benefit of direct-coupled fans is that these types of fans are directly screwed to the motor drive mechanism. This enables no loss of transmission power and by this way to energy efficiency compared to non-direct-coupled fans. The INV series air compressors of the company are operated by the frequency control mechanism. This system is monitoring the electronic data from the compressor sensors and is calculating the optimum running power and revelations per minute of the engine automatically. This provides energy efficiency in long term usage. The VEK series compressors of the company are compressors which are running at a consistent power and airflow. These types are recommended when the compressor is going to fulfill a single and consistent action.

The Turkish manufacturer now would like to widen its market in the EU and is looking for distributors who would like to sell, distribute and promote the products of the company.

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1. The direct coupled DA series compressors of the company is providing energy and cost efficiency compared to standard air compressors. 2. The VEK series compressors are providing automated control of the compressor power. In this way, engine speed and power consumption are minimized. 3. The VEK series compressors of the company are proving consistent airflow and are cost-efficient for single job actions.

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The Turkish SME would like to widen its market and enter the EU market. The company is mainly looking for partners who are willing to act as a distributor. Selling, promoting and distributing activities are requested by the Turkish SME. The Turkish manufacturer has no specific request regarding the field of activity of the possible partner. The company is ready to negotiate with any interested company.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250