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Turkish alcoholic drink production company, being specialised in production of different kinds of alcohol products, is looking for distributors.

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Turkish company located in Antalya, on the southern coast of Turkey, is specialised in production of alcoholic drinks. The company is looking for distributors across all network countries.



The company established in 2005 in Antalya, production go live in 2008, situated on 17,2000 square meters closed and 62,229 square meters in total Antalya Organized Industrial Zone.
The company has experienced the pride of being the first integrated automated distillation facility that produce its own alcohol by wheat in our country, Turkey. Beginning from the manufacturing year of 2008 advanced technology synthesized with a conventional technique in modern production facility.

The products of the company are:
• Turkish national alcohol, rakı,
• vodka,
• gin,
• different types of liqueuers(of over 100 different types)
• etil alcohol,
• CO2/Dry ice production
The products are being presented to customers with the same taste and quality at each bottle distilled in the facility with using the knowledge of "know-how" techniques. Agricultural food neutral alcohol is produced for vodka, rakı, gin, and liqueuers. Grapes, fresh grapes, and wheat alcohol are used as a raw material of vodka and rakı.

Export Countries
The group exports its products to the following countries: North Cyprus, USA, England, Germany, China, Jordan, Iraq.
The group also established a company that exports products of rakı, vodka, gin, and liqueur to England, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain.

Distribution Network
Company operates a wide network involving nearly 50 distributors throughout the country serving via the corporate structure of its own marketing & sales company.
The company also hires a strong staff who manages this wide distribution network in its region offices, main depots, and consignee depots exist in six different regions of Turkey.
The company is looking for other distributors across all network countries, in order to sell its products and expand its market.

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The company’s client account management infrastructure including daily sales reporting, inventory management, and invoice tracking are being operated through a sales automation system created by the Company itself. The company's main differences of producing rakı and gin; - Use of 7 progressive distillation and short-term fermentation technologies which avoid of harmful alcohol derivates. Offers alternative products which present different tastes with different anise density usage. - The water from Bey Mountains, same taste in all bottles, is filtered with reverse osmosis system. - The company is one of the two firms that produce distilled Gin in Turkey.

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The company sought for partnership can be traders and wholesalers who want to distribute client company's products.