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Turkish company with 20 years of experience in irrigation systems and water management is looking for distributors for its developed patented cyber physical system

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A Turkish company, with 20 years of experience in irrigation systems and water management, has developed and patented a cyber-physical system. The system is used to monitor the capillarity water movement in real time, monitor the current moisture and to manage the irrigation system with artificial intelligence. The company is able to produce personal (project-specific) solutions with Agricultural 4.0 technology by covering the philosophy of Industry 5.0. The company is looking for distributors.



A Turkish company, doing business in irrigation systems and water management, was founded in 1997 in Izmir. The company has been providing engineering services and make research for more than 20 years.
The company has developed a cyber-physical system to monitor capillary water movement and current moisture, then manage the irrigation system. System is designed and developed to monitor the capillary movement in soil and the moisture and determine the amount of irrigation water and plant water consumption using artificial intelligence. It is the only robotic system, patented and produced by their establishment that can monitor capillarity water in soil with real time data and automatically manage the irrigation system with artificial intelligence.
The system is a whole system integrated with capillarity detection sensor (CDS), control unit and cloud hosting with artificial intelligence and database that enables distribution to all users of the Internet-based service. Depending on the purpose and structure one or multiple CDS is placed in desired depth or region of soil profile. CDS is a compact structure with 32 positioned pieces of “capillarity water motion detection” zone and one optional capacitive moisture sensor. CDS, is a sensor consisting of software and electronic hardware that allows monitoring of capillarity water movements in the placed soil profile with real time data during and after irrigation.
Company is doing business with international partners and due to its advantages, this product is expected to have share in international markets. Therefore, company is looking for partners in the field of irrigation technologies and water systems under distribution services agreement for the mentioned product.

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The system can be in matrix structure: 400 capillarity detection sensors (not moisture sensor) in 1m2 analysed with 6 capacitive moisture sensors and trigger the capillarity detection at the maximum level. This sensor structure enables reaching the target moisture. Also it detects the field capacity and analyse vectorial motion. It has real time calibration capability, especially in sub-surface drip irrigation, calibration is a must before each irrigation. Otherwise, problems occur in sensor data. It provides real time big data provision from the entire root management area. It can keep water and fertilizer in targeted root management region, so therefore it provides “0” deep percolation. Irrigation management is possible by triggering the capillarity movement from maximum moisture to field capacity at maximum level. Cyber physical management system monitors and tracks all fields from a single point. • Big data library. • Produces paradigms with artificial intelligence. • Monitors real-time data of sensors. • Able to monitor and manage the wetting pattern in the soil profile without error. • Able to monitor and manage fertilizer distribution in the soil profile during fertilization. • Able to monitor and manage the capillarity movement in the soil and the root development in the root management region. • Secondary control with an extremely sensitive moisture sensor (optional). • Able to monitor the water movement in the root management region and manage the irrigation system. • Able to manage the irrigation system by optimizing the distribution of moisture in the soil profile by analysing the forces of adhesion-cohesion and gravity. • Able to prevent deep percolation of the irrigation water and the fertilizer from the root management zone. • Able to define the root management region in order to perform effectively to the targeted volume of the formation of the root zone for new plantings.

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The company is looking for strategic partners and distributors in irrigation and water management sectors. The distributors shall purchase the system and distribute in its region to sectors and institutions. The potential distributor should be interested to collaborate and extend in its current market and region. Ideal partner is also expected to have a readily available customer network.

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