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A Turkish company developing defense weighted PCB card and embedded systems is looking for a business partner

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The Turkish company makes Berger drawings of electronic PCB( printed circuit board). It is making an inventory of PCB, BOV (blow-off valve) files, and technical drawings. It reads the embedded programs found in this PCB, and the company reverse-engineer and reloads it. Although its business is on electronic PCBs, it specializes in programming and software subjects. The company is looking for distribution services agreement, financial agreement and subcontracting.



The company is located in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Technologically, Ankara is one of the main cities in Turkey in terms of technological innovations.

The company was established as a limited company to make research and development as the purpose of the establishment. The company works on PCB (printed circuit board) cards and circuits with finished supply channels as an organization. Also, high-tech radar boards and industrial PC computer circuit boards are area of expertise of the company. Its customers are generally public institutions, and the company gives technical support for advanced PCB board circuits and embedded circuit software to the agencies. It also offers solutions to the strategically important needs of the public institutions. The company has joint projects with TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). The company’s team structure consists of 20 years of experienced engineers who have also NATO security documents.

The products the company produces as suppliers can be listed as follows:
* Arpa Lpi Radar-Radar Board-Ship Radar Equipment
* Arpa Lpi Radar-Wecdis Motherboard-Ship Radar Equipment
* Mw08 Search Radar-St-By – Unit-Ship Radar Equipment
* Mw08 Search Radar-Twt Unit-Ship Radar Equipment
* Mw08 Search Radar-Submod-Ship Radar Equipment
* Mw08 Search Radar-Interface Box-Ship Radar Equipment
* Sting Eo Tracking Radar-S.S. Transmitter-Ship Radar Equipment
* A1 Power Supply-Air Tare Equipment
* A2 Power Supply-Air Tare Equipment
* A3 Power Supply-Air Tare Equipment
* A4 Power Supply-Air Tare Equipment
* Thermal Data Link - Air Tare Equipment
* Receiver-Transmitter-Air Tare Equipment
* Adc Connection Box-Air Tare Equipment
* Radar Control Thermal-Air Tare Equipment

The company makes technical drawings of PCB circuit boards working as computers and electronics. These drawings are generally made in Berger format. They file the inventory of the circuit elements used in this drawing and the research phase. This filing is in the form of a BOV (blow-off valve). The circuit elements listed are being renewed with their current counterparts. The current circuit elements are used in this drawing and listing. Embedded PCB-programmed computers are also the company’s solutions. They reverse-engineer the embedded programs and reload them. Providing such solutions is a characteristic of a small number of companies in the region. Although their business is on electronic PCBs, they are a competent company in programming and software subjects.

Although the company is newly established, its founders and employees have worked in the field for 20 years in the field of radar and electronics. They have reached the stage of developing and producing products with academic consultants. These products they manufacture are based on advanced technology and knowledge. With the information collected from this field, it is transformed into products with academic discipline.

As the company wants to open new markets in Europe and expand its market share, the company is seeking business partners to sell its products by making financial agreements. In addition, because the company is a relatively newly established and small company, they are open to selling the company's share and wants to get investments from big companies in the same sector. Therefore, acquisition agreements are also another cooperation expectation of the company. Finally, in light of the reasons listed above, the company is also open to being a distributor for a company from Europe and ready for being a subcontractor of large European companies that work on the area.

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By reproducing the radar and embedded PCB (printed circuit board) elements that cannot be supplied, the company is making a product that is not in its regional market. Therefore, this leads the company as suppliers to specialize in the subject. These issues are not issues of the private sector but rather of the public institutions so it enables the company to become a single producer supplier through contracts with public institutions. A small number of orders make the company more advantageous. It is better aware of the needs of the public institution in question. This is because the employees of our company are retired executive staff from these institutions.

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As the company wants to enter into new markets in Europe, it is looking for partners to sell its products and solutions by financial agreements. In addition, they are ready to sell the company's shares to another company by acquisition agreements. Finally, the company is available to be a distributor for a company from Europe and open to being a subcontractor of large companies that work on the sector.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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