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Turkish company is looking for mesh suppliers for manufacturing agreement.

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A Turkish company working in healthcare sector is looking for mesh suppliers. The company is developing solutions for stress urinary incontinence, therefore it needs mesh suitable for their products in order to finish their development process. Manufacturing agreement is preferred. Company needs type 1 polypropylene and hypo elastic mesh for treatment of urinary incontinence.



The Turkish company was founded in 2018 in one of technoparks located in Izmir. The company is working on development of medical devices, surgical sets and also provides consultancy on electrical and mechanical design. One of the founders of the company has been working as a doctor for over a decade and other partner is a mechanical engineer. Company recently finished a project. For this R&D project, 4 academicians and an engineer worked together and as a result a novel product that brings solution for stress urinary incontinence has developed.

The company is looking for mesh in order to use it on this product. They are in need of a producer to manufacture mesh according to their needs. Company is in need of type 1 polypropylene and hypo elastic mesh for treatment of urinary incontinence.

The cooperation will be long-term and company is looking for manufacturers of above mentioned mesh to cooperate under manufacturing agreement.

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Monofilament woven polypropylene, non-resorbable Mean thickness: 0.0005 m Mean grammage: 0.899 g/m Diameter of the threads 0.15 mm Size of the principal pores in mm: 1.31x0.44; 1.62x1.02 Mean porosity: 85% Resistance to rupture > 55N Mean elongation to rupture: 58% Mean elongation under 10 N: 8% The tests needs to be performed in accordance with the norm NF S 94-801 “Vaginal reinforcement implant for stress urinary incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery through vaginal approach- preclinical and clinical tests”

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Company is looking for an industrial partner that is able to manufacture mesh according mentioned technical details. Manufacturing agreement is preferred.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500