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A Turkish company, manufacturer of textile dyeing machine and Stenter pre-washing machine, is looking for distributors and agents

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The textile machine manufacturer located in South East of Turkey is specialized in manufacturing fabric dyeing machines, stenter pre-washing machines and textile trolleys since 1974. The company is investing in research and development, so its products require less water, energy and time and also allows high quality dyeing. The company is looking for distributors and agents all around the world.



The Turkish company was founded in 1974 and since 1998 it has become expert in the stainless steel industry with its engineering services. The company provides product sales and after-sales services of stainless steel textile machines required for textile work of the region and many countries in the world (Ex: Egypt, India, and Pakistan).

The company manufactures many types of woven or knitted fabric dyeing machine, stenter pre-washing machine and textile trolley.

The fabric dyeing machine is a high-performance fabric dyeing machine designed to dye woven or knitted fabrics obtained from synthetic, natural or mixtures without deforming them in rope form. It is designed with the idea of reducing natural resources today and using them more efficiently as a result of social consciousness and requires less water, energy and time and allows to paint higher quality fabrics.

The stenter pre-washing machine designed for rough cleaning of textile surfaces made of synthetic or natural materials. It also enables to treat the selected textile surface with the desired chemicals, in the desired amount, in the desired degree continuously.

A textile trolley, also known as a fabric carrying trolley, is generally used for transporting wet and dry fabrics in factory. These cars can carry fabric easily on any surface and can last for many years. Trolleys transport hot and cold fabrics by the superior polyethylene chamber without being affected by heat. All the components outside the polyethylene inner chamber are completely made of stainless steel and are absolutely corrosion-free for life.

The company wants to increase export volume and enter new markets.The company is looking for textile machines distributors and agents all around the world. The company would like to appoint new distributors and agents for finding new customers. Distributors and agents should find final customers, introduce the products and coordinate sales and after sales services.

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The fabric dyeing machine is sustainable so, it consumes less water, energy and time. The stenter pre-washing machine saves twice as much water as its counterparts through moving nozzles. It also has has low energy consumption. During the fixe process of lycra cotton fabrics, it is possible to remove the high degree of yarn and oil, wax, particulate, knitting oil… etc. from the flash bleaching process before the fixe process. In this way, both ecologically preventing the ejection of burnt oil from the Ramous exhaust system and Ramous chimney fires are minimized. In the processes to be painted with cooking, it attracts both more brightness on the textile surface and lower the percentage of color in the cooking processes.

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The company is looking for textile machinery distributors and agents all around the world. Distributors should contact clients with the company and be responsible for services and spare parts after sale. Agents should inform the company about clients and responsible for sales negotiations.


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