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Turkish company producing folding toilet systems seeks distributors or agents in EU countries, UK, Japan and USA

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The company is located in Turkey and produces folding toilet systems which offer advantage for space saving. The company has developed a complete system that allows the toilet bowl to bend down and fold into the wall. The company seeks distributors or agents in EU countries, UK, Japan and USA.



Turkish company was founded in 2018 and has developed a complete system that allows the toilet bowl to bend down and fold into the wall. The water in the toilet bowl does not leak, and remains in the water channel of the toilet bowl. The toilet works downwards and the water does not run out and keeps trapping. The complete system which includes water rezervoir, toilet bowl, motor and water pipes is ready and functional. The toilet bowl moves down and folds into the wall.

The tendency is that when tilting the toilet bowl the water does not leak with the help of an innovative water-trap system for which patent applications have been made (TR/PCT- Turkey/Patent Cooperation Treaty- registrations).

The system is indistinguishable from a conventional toilet pans in the open position. Feasibility of the system allows even a toilet bowl to be mounted behind a door. When door is open, just enter, close the door and open the toilet bowl. After use clean up by flushing the toilet and bring the toilet in the closed position again by pressing a button.

The space requirement of the system in the wall is 30 cm deep including toilet lid. The dimensions of sewage pipes and fresh water pipes are equal in this toilet system. All needed is power for the system to get the engine moving. The system can also be opened manually in the event of a power failure (without much effort). The system can be easily integrated into applications like a normal, traditional system. Initial tests show that the product can achieve good cleaning with less water and that under the aspect of the environment or where the water is scarce.

The company seeks distributors or agents in EU countries to access to UK, Japan and USA markets and thus take advantage of local companies network and experience to develop sales there and foster sustainable partnerships.

The potential customers of the company in the real estate sectors are:
-Building sector area architects and builders / owners who want to optimally solve space problems in the bathroom / WC.
-Hotel builders who struggle with space problems.
-Private persons / homeowners loving innovative products

Advantages & innovations

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The team is able to manufacture and commercialize the product but a cooperation with a major manufacturer in this industry is conceivable for the future. The product saves space in bathrooms and with its special ergonomic design offers easy use. The practical folding system has been specially designed, Generally the toilet bowl has to pass some tests, and there are these regulatory requirements: EN 997 and A1. Toilet bowl must be able to carry 400 kg and the bowl must be clean. These standards meet the product of the company. Company possesses patent for: concealable toilet system, for household type folding toilet Patent application has been made with following title: Concealable toilet system compatible with vacuum or macerator pump systems for yacht-type folding toilet.

Partner sought

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The goal of the company is to reach the global market. The company will carry out further hard tests and make registrations for the certificates. By this goal the company seeks distributors, franchisers, joint ventures or agents in EU countries, UK, USA and Japan.The distribution partner should have experience in the sector and will ensure dissemination of products. The commercial agency is active in the sector and will represent the product on a commercial basis.


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France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, USA


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