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A Turkish company, producing organic, chemical and biological fertilizer, is looking for distributors to sell its products.

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Agro chemicals
Precision agriculture
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Agricultural chemicals
Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products
Manufacture of other organic basic chemicals
Manufacture of fertilisers and nitrogen compounds
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The Turkish company is based in Antalya and is specialized in organic, chemical and biological fertilizer production. The company is looking for distributors to sell its products across the Network countries, aiming at retailers or companies who are involved in this field.



The company has been established in 2001, and has already engaged in transnational activity. The countries that the company has sold its products are Egypt, Tunis, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Albania, Thailand, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

As a large producer, Turkish company can produce various agricultural fertilizers according to the customers' needs and the soil they use. The fertilizers are produced in forms of both liquid and powder. Both organic and chemical fertilizers can be produced in the facility. Beside standard fertilizers, fertilizers with specific ingredients containing secret know-how are also produced, which are far more efficient in farming.

The yearly total production capacity of the company is, for
-liquid fertilizer: 5,852,000 kg
-powder fertilizer: 13,260,000 kg

The company wants to expand its network to different markets across the EEN countries, especially European market, therefore, distribution agreement is offered.

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The main advantage is thought to be that the company uses high quality raw materials which are 100% soluble in water, and provide high productivity in agriculture. Another advantage of the company is the fertilizer they produce are with organic certificates, which make them suitable for usage in ecological agriculture. With an experienced R&D staff, with frequent customer visits and with experience in exportation, the company believes that they are one step further in the sector.

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Already on the market

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The partner sought can be a company, being involved with agricultural activites in their country, and having good technical knowledge about fertilizers.