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Turkish company specialised in trading public health pest control products (biocidal products) is looking for sellers/suppliers of active ingredients (technical materials).

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Turkish company specialized in exporting biocidal products(public health pest control medicines) is looking for suppliers and/or partners to import technical materials to use as (pure)active ingredients for biocidal products. Supplier agreement is envisaged in the form of bulk delivery of the requested materials.



A Turkish company, with more than 42 years of experience, located in Izmir. The company aims to improve its external relations to supply technical materials for its biocidal product manufacturing process. The ideal partner is expected to supply items listed below under supplier agreement.

The company is planning to develop strong partnerships to supply technical materials such as cypermethrin, cyfluthrin, pyriproxyfen, permethrin, etc.

The company has a wide product range for public health and produces public health medicines in many fields such as larvae control, mosquito and housefly control, exterminating cockroaches, and tick problems. Therefore, the company will be constantly in the need of technical material.

Some of the main products the Turkish company is willing to import are:

Tetramethrin Cas NO: 7696-12-0
Cyfluthrin Cas NO: 68359-37-5
Lamda-cyhalothrin Cas NO: 91465-08-6
Permethrin Cas NO: 52645-53-1
Cypermethrin Cas NO: 52315-07-8
Pyriproxyfen Cas NO: 95737-68-1
Thiamethoxam Cas NO: 153719-23-4

All technical materials should be %95 or above as purity.

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The company often actualize bulk orders for its Biocidal Product production process and has over 42 years of experience in the sector, is willing to extend its cooperation portfolio by finding new suppliers for these specific technical materials. Therefore, the company is looking for good partners who will become regular suppliers to provide long-term commercial relations.

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The manufacturer and/or exporter should have or able to present the relevant documents for technical materials before transaction such as Certificate of Analysis, MSDS(Material Safety Data Sheet), Registration of the product and, etc. It ıs preferable to have expertise in the production of technical materials All technical materials should be %95 or above as purity to be able to use as active ingredients.

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The Company is looking for a manufacturer and exporter of technical materials. Manufacturers and/or exporters should be willing to become a regular supplier. It may be preferable to be able to provide more than one product and have experience in the sector.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,SME 51-250,>500