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Turkish company specialized in holistic and technologic solutions to reduce food waste and carbon emission related to food waste is looking for commercial agents to expand.

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The Turkish tech-based company located in Ankara developed a platform to recover value out of any surplus food through an effective waste management system. Through managing the unsold food of the businesses, the system creates economic, social and environmental value by utilizing it for human consumption, animal feeding, recycling, or landfilling. Commercial agents are sought in Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania and Russia.



Founded in 2016, the Turkish technology company has created an innovative tech-based solution to reduce food waste in the food supply chain operated in the Turkish market. With the light of the global agenda set for climate action, the company offers a technology connection between corporations to eliminate those technical and managerial barriers of waste management for food businesses.
The company uses an algorithm that takes stock-keeping unit (SKU) according to time/location-based data, best by-date and nutritive values as inputs and calculates the financial, social and environmental impact of surplus to value it with best-fit solutions. Based on the outputs of the algorithm, if the surplus is safe to eat, it relates the surplus with the food donation process. Moreover, it can also be sold to other companies at discounted prices. If calculations show that it is not edible, it decides that it can be used in animal feed production. If calculations show that nutritive values are not suitable for animal consumption but energy values are high, then the surplus is used in biogas production. The innovation is the collection of all operational data and analytics. Analytics dashboard identifies where food is wasted and catalyze action to reduce waste at the source. With these analytics, the partners can make operational changes, better procurement, production and logistics planning and prevent waste before it occurs.
The company aims to transfer linear food systems in Europe into a circular one where waste becomes the input to a new process. The company’s wide range of recycling and upcycling operations will help food businesses to value their surplus food in line with the food recovery, with maximum social, environmental and financial benefits and best partner. The long-term vision is to shed a light to end waste and hunger by collecting a very large data set to be able to provide real-time insight on food surplus based on the stock-keeping unit (SKU), time, location and amount to better manage production, procurement and distribution decisions and allocate surplus in line with the food recovery hierarchy.
In line with the vision, the company hopes to find commercial agents in Germany, Italy, Spain, Romania and Russia. The agents are expected to set up a network between food suppliers, retailers, food banks, NGOs and recyclers and manage the integrated ecosystem for success of the operation in their countries.

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• With its partner ecosystem and digital platform, the company provides the highest financial, social and environmental values out of surplus food. • Clients can manage all types of surplus through one holistic platform in an environmentally responsible way with guaranteed low cost and full traceability. • Through donation module, clients can create social value out of surplus and get tax advantages as well. • With the analytics of operations, the partners can make operational changes, better procurement, production and logistics planning and prevent waste before it occurs. • All legal documents such as invoices and receipts are uploaded and e-archived on the platform to make tracking easier. Through the documentation process, companies are able to make the required accounting records.

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Already on the market

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The company seeks for a commercial agent who can create a partner ecosystem mainly between producers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers as well as food banks, NGOs, animal feed producers and recyclers.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Germany, Italy, Romania, Russia, Spain