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A Turkish company which produces industrial bags suitable for storage and transportation of bulk and packed loads is looking for distribution service and/or manufacturing agreements

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The Turkish company was established in 2005 with the latest technology. They are active in the production of polypropylene woven industrial bags; flexible intermediate bulk containers, as well as slings for storage and transportation of bulk loads.The company is looking for distributors and offering manufacturing agreements.



The company specializes in production of high-quality bags for storage and transportation of bulk loads. Their production facility established in 2005 with the latest technology in Tekirdağ in Northwestern Turkey. The production facility has 10.000m² closed area in a 15.000 m² open area. The company has been operating with 163 employees. With an experience of more than 13 years in the industry, they can offer optimum packing solutions with high quality and competitive price for their partners.

The company always updates its process with latest technology and provides customized products to customer needs. They have a manufacturing capacity of 3,5 million bags annually.
%70 of their production is exported to almost 20 different countries. They continuously exports their products to companies from USA, Norway, Germany, Holland, Greece, Albania, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Canada, Israel, Russia.

Company products "Big bags" are used in various industrial sectors. It is mostly preferred for bulk construction materials, natural mines, bulk food products and chemicals. It provides an advantage in the transfer of bulk products. Also, it is an easy and hygienic way to store and carry bulk products and offers a cost-effective packaging option.

Products of the company;

Hanging bag; Protects the packaged products from external factors.

Large bag; It is produced as laminated and laminated from plain woven PP fabric.

S-bond; Stretch Panels provides an upright stand after being filled.

Cross Corner; The special column structure of the bag allows installation without the need for a second person.

Clean Bag; Clean rooms are manufactured from hygienic special technology materials and transport of food product is provided.

Valve; Specially designed for products requiring air circulation

Conductive; This discharges the energy by grounding and prevents sparks and fire.

Single / Double Hook; It is produced with special design which provides transportation with all industrial tools and equipment.

Container bag; It allows the transport of bulk powdery products, granules or food products with containers.

The company is looking for distributors to expand its business abroad. The company also offers its free capacity under manufacturing agreement. The company is ready to manufacture according to customer needs and requirements.

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*Providing superior service with the best delivery time is one of the most important advantages of the company. *The company has years of experience in the sector, enabling them to offer the best quality at highly competitive prices. *The facility has highest technology to produce high quality products. *The company offers many packing solutions for reliable storage of raw materials or goods. *The product “Big Bag” application brings many advantages. The system has a strong construction, lightweight design and considerable load-bearing capacity. *The company can provide Big Bags for many applications. They can supply big bags for industry and construction, the food industry, plus the chemical industry. *The company has already engaged with international activities and exports its %70 of products to mostly USA, Norway, Germany, Holland, Greece, Albania, Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Canada, Israel, Russia

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Already on the market

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Distributors should have wide distribution network in its region and have experience in the field of industrial bags. Also establishing manufacturing agreement is expected with the partners that continuously ship bulk or packed products.


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Albania, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, USA