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Turkish company is willing to make new distribution services agreements with manufacturers of slimming machines

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A Turkish company which is located in Mersin/Turkey, is searching for slimming machine manufacturers in Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Holland for new distribution services agreements for Turkish market.



The company is one of the Turkish distributors of a Polish slimming machine manufacturer company and distributes the machines in Turkish market. The company is located in Mersin and has branches in cities Adana and Ankara.

The slimming machines that company distribute, reduce fat tissue stimulating the natural action of metabolism by means of vacuum or infrared radiation and used regularly; improve body shape and reduce cellulite.

The machines have these specifications below:
- unique combination of vacuum and infrared radiation
- designed for both men and women
- support spot reduction, i.e. targets those body parts where fat is most likely to be stored.

Number of staff of the company is ten people and the company also has a sport centre which is equipped with slimming machines.

The company would like to make new distribution services agreement with manufacturers of slimming machines from Germany, Poland, France, Italy and Holland. Distribution services agreement is will be offered to the potential partners.

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The slimming machines are using for supporting spot reduction, i.e. targets those body parts where fat is most likely to be stored: the pelvic region, the lower limb and the abdomen with using vacuum and infrared radiation technology. Therefore, the partner should have relevant permissions to enter Turkish market.

Partner sought

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Potential partner company should be a slimroll manufacturer company that is willing to sell its products to Turkey, that has not been in Turkish market yet. The manufacturer should have international trade and should also have necessary permit to enter Turkish market.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland