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A Turkish liquor company specialized in craft beer is looking for distributors

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A Turkish Company with a seven-year experience in the craft beer sector is looking for international cooperation. The beer is manufactured with local, natural ingredients and without chemical additives. The type of partnership sought is a distribution services agreement. Target country are Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.



The Company is a well-known craft beer brand with a good network of distribution within the country. They are already exporting to 6 countries including overseas since 2015 and seeking to widen their international cooperation.
The company produces 10 types of craft beer and has an annual production capacity of 700.000lt.
Type of beer produced:
Blonde Ale (alcohol %5): -Golden slightly hazy yellow with white foam.
-Intense floral aromas.
-Medium body, refreshing, balanced bitter with floral and citrusy flavor.
-International Bitterness Unit(IBU): 24, Standard Reference Method(SRM):5,5

Amber Ale (alc.%4): -Light to medium amber color, ivory foam.
-Complex aroma, low roastiness, spicy and citrusy.
-Medium body, clean bitter, spicy and citrusy flavor with long finish.
-IBU: 32, SRM: 10

Session India Pale Ale(IPA): There are two types of IPA in the product range.
-First one is with low alcohol (%4,%), low body with full of aromas.
-The second one (alc. %6) is a West Coast IPA style beer. Light amber color, strong pine resin and grapefruit scent with floral and spice notes.

Saison(alc. %5,5): -It has a natural haze with the hints of warm colors like pomelo and pinkish orange.
-Light to medium body, refreshing, dry, spicy like ginger, little tart like red fruit and strawberry.
-IBU: 25, SRM:-

Weiss Bier(alc. %4,7): -Cloudy, dark light brown with intense foam.
-Medium body, fruity like banana, a bit clove aroma and flavor.
-IBU:14, SRM:6

Red Ale (alc.%7): -An experimental beer with beetroot and local pine honey.
-Dark pinkish, light claret, like kriek color.
-Medium body, a very good balance of earthiness, honey sweetness and bitterness.
-IBU:30, SRM:-

Porter(alc. %6,4): -Dark ruby, almost opaque color with brownish foam.
-Coffee and bitter chocolate, roasty notes and a bit of a caramel flavor.
-Medium body, pleasantly mild.
-IBU:35, SRM:30+

Winter Ale(alc. %6,4): -Dark amber color
-Sweet malt, nutty, almond and hint of dark fruits.
-IBU:40 SRM:15

West Coast IPA(alc. %6):-Light amber color.
-Strong pine, pine resin, grapefruit scents with floral and spicy notes.
-IBU:60 SRM:8-9

India Pale Lager(IPL)(alc. %5):-Light body, clear, transparent, yellowish color.
-Fresh, fruity aroma.
-IBU:25, SRM:3

They are looking for distributors from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Spain who would deal with distribution of the company's brand on the new markets.

Advantages & innovations

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-No use of chemical additives such as artificial flavor, extract, preservative and accelerator. -Non-filtered and non-pasteurised. -The low gas rate in the products that prevent bloating. -Due to natural ingredients, the products do not cause fatigue or hangover.

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Already on the market

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Type of Agreement: Distribution services agreement, Type of Partner Sought: The partners with a good network in the food sector( restaurants, bars, pubs, catering agencies etc.) and with access speciality beer retailers, markets etc. Distributors of craft beer are preferable. Prior experience in importing alcoholic beverages is preferable.

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SME 11-50,SME 51-250


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Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain