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Turkish manufacturer of agro-processing machinery seeks distributors and agents

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A Turkish agro-processing machinery manufacturer, which also provides the service of building plants with high capacities from scratch, seeks partners to cooperate under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.



The Turkish company was established in 1956 as a family business and up to the present, it has kept modernizing its products. Today, the company carries on designing and manufacturing machinery on a 27.000 m2 modern production plant. The company is specialized in manufacturing agro-processing machinery and they also provide the service of building agroprocessing plants starting from scratch. As a leading company in the local market, it is the only corn-processing machinery manufacturer in Turkey. The company gave a start to exportation activities in 1994 and has been exporting to more than thirty countries, including Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Finland and countries of North-Africa.

Agro-processing plants built by the company can be listed as follows:

• Flour mill plant in Libya with the capacity of 500 tons per day.
• Maize flour mill plant in Angola with the capacity of 200 tons per day.
• Wheat flour mill plant in Baghdad with the capacity of 250 tons per day.
• Wheat flour mill plant in Algeria with the capacity of 120 tons per day.
• Rice flour mill plant in Egypt with the capacity of 75 tons per day.
• Sesame cleaning plant in Ethiopia with the capacity of 7 tons per hour.
• Oilseeds and pulses cleaning plant in Sudan with the capacity of 7 tons per hour.

The sorting machines manufactured by the company can sort not only color but also shape of pumpkin seed, white sesame seed, lavatera arborea, sunflower seed kernel, black sesame seed, hazelnut, durum wheat, soft wheat, peanut, peanut kernel, lentil, light speckled kidney bean, broad bean, corn, rice, pistachio nuts and chickpea.

The wide range of products can be listed under four main titles: Flour Milling, Seed Processing, Feed Milling and Grain Handling.

Flour milling machines contain three groups:

1) Cleaning & Dampening (vibro-separator, de-stoner, indent cylinder, radial tarar, dust cyclone, automatic dampening machine, intensive dampener, peeler, vibro-tarar, dust aspirator, jet filter)

2) Milling (pneumatic roller mill, plan-sifter, semolina purifier, insect detacher, drum detacher, pneumatic fan, polygonal bran finisher, impact detacher, vibro-feeder, micro-feeder, vibro-bran
finisher, de-germinator)

3) Packing (roto-flow, flow-meter, pneumatic diverter, control plan-sifter, carousel packing machine, automatic packing machine)

Seed processing machinery contains:
- Super cleaning machine
- Gravity separator
- Triangle de-stoner
- Treating machine
- De-awner
- Rotary separator
- Calibrating sieve
- Vertical peeling machine
- Splitting machine
- Polishing machine
- Automatic grain packing machine

Feed milling machinery contains:
- Hammer mill
- Molasses mixer
- Mixer
- Pellet crumbling machine
- Pellet press machine

Grain handling machinery contains:
- Aero-screen cleaner
- Drum separator
- Chain conveyor
- Bucket elevator
- Rotary valve
- High pressure blowers
- Suction blowers

As a dominant actor in local markets, Middle-East markets and North-Africa markets; the company is enthusiastic about the chance to enter new markets, especially European ones. The
company is already engaged in commercial activities in more than thirty countries and they have both ability and means to adapt their production capacity accordingly with the orders. So, the
company seeks partners to cooperate with under distribution or commercial agency agreements.

Advantages & innovations

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- The company has more than sixty years of experience in agro-processing machinery sector. - The machinery manufactured by the company requires minimum periodic maintenance, and also the necessary maintenance is easy to carry out. - All the machines have low energy consumption, but they work with high capacity and efficiency. - The machines and their parts are designed to be cleaned easily. - The machines have longevity and durability - The machines are constructed to work in a dust-free and vibration-free way. - When compared to their equivalents, the machines have 25% - 30% lower prices.

Partner sought

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Sought partners are expected to be well-established and experienced in the agro-processing sector and market the product range of the company under distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.