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A Turkish manufacturer of flags and accessories, cups, plaques, medals, promotion products and all kinds of advertising textile products is looking to produce for partners under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement

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Turkish company, based in Antalya, produces flags, accessories, cups, plaques, medals, promotional products, custom designed products and crystal products. The company is looking for advertising agencies, flag sellers or manufacturers within the EEN countries to provide its digital printing and design services under a manufacturing agreement or subcontracting agreement. The company offers custom design services and a variety of products at highest professional standards.



Turkish company based in Antalya is the manufacturer in digital textile printing sector. It produces various size banners, flags and all kinds of advertising textile products with the latest technological machinery. The product ranges from flags and accessories, cups, plaques, medals, badges, awards, trophies, promotional products,display products, custom designed products and crystal products. The company started its commercial activities in 1999 and in the following years it increased its production capacity by making necessary investments into equipment, machinery and appliances. The company performs as an integrated industrial enterprise specialized in 3000 square-meter-production facility in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. They also have 900 square meter-showroom building in Antalya centre. The company already produces for foreign markets and would like to expand its business portfolio internationally. Therefore they are looking for potential partners from EEN network to increase their international sales and growth. The company is looking for advertising agencies to work with and provide its digital printing product range or produce on behalf of an another producer based on given specs and agreed designs as a subcontractor.

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* The company has in-house graphical department with talented designers so that professional bespoke design service from scratch can be provided to clients. * The company can produce for all quantities so that there is no minumum order quantity required. * The company can produce at much competitive prices than a manufacturer partner company would produce in its own country. So such partnership would be a win-win situation for both sides. *The company is experienced in export and custom procedures as they have professionals in their export department.

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Already on the market

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The company is looking for businesses, which would be advertising agencies or flag sellers to work with, so the company will produce based on the partner's orders. The partner could also be a producer that would want to subcontract its orders to a reliable manufacturer. In this way, the company would manufacture on behalf of the partner based on the specs and design agreed and deliver the finished products ordered. The partner should be a professional business which work with corporate brands.

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251-500,SME 51-250


Factory from outside


Promotional materials


Custom designed products


Crystal products


Cups, plaques, medals


Textile products


Flag production


Variety of flags