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Turkish manufacturer of high quality dough rolling machine seeks distributors

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A Turkish company specialized in designing and manufacturing dough rolling machine down to 0,07mm of thickness, used in bakery sector, is looking for distribution services agreements.



Turkish machine manufacturer company was established in 2007 and also been active in producing bakery products since 1989. The company designed a dough rolling machine which rolls out the dough up to 0,07mm thickness. This thickness is very important for especially the manufacturer of deserts with sherbet because the other machines are working between 20 and 30mm thickness.

The machine has 6 units like preliminary station, dough thinning station, main conveyor amyluming, phyllo wrapper, freckles unit (water cooling and heating)

The company has a manufacturing capacity of 70-80 machines in a year.

The company is manufacturing two types of this machine. One of them has capacity of 55-60kg/h, the weight of machine is 1300kg, the dimensions are L: 372cm, H:148cm, W: 141cm, and the required total power is 10kw. The other type has the capacity of 35-40kg/h, the weight is 1050kg, the dimensions are L: 270cm, H: 164cm, W: 141cm, the required total power is 10kw.

When the company sold a machine to a customer which is in both Turkey and other countries, the technical staff and the baklava master are going to the customer and give the technical trainings and teaching the key points of rolling dough.

The company has CE certificate and catalogues in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabian languages.

The company is looking for distributor partners to expand its market in European and other countries.

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1) There are no water droplets on the surface of rollers while the rollers are working or during start-stop process. So the machine never sweats. This provides to increase the working efficiency. The user didn't have to clean the rollers with a cloth. Phyllo doesn't stick and the user doesn't have bearing problems. 2) The user doesn't not have to follow the feeding and existing dough. Even if the machine is powered for up to 24 hours without feeding any dough, there is no deformation on the rollers because the machine takes itself on self-protection mode. This technology has been under legal protection on behalf of the company. 3) Surface lifetime of coated roller is too short. After a while, the coated suface cracks and cause splitting and cutting the dough. The rollers are not coated in Turkish company's machine. There is no problem like this. This company gives 5 year guarentee for the surface of dough rollers. 4) Thickness of the dough is controlled by the touch screen on the control panel and if desired can be changed by the user. The software supports in Turkish, English, Russian and Arabian languages. 5) The machine provides the uniform thickness and humidity in every point of the phyllo. 6) The blade system has long-life, the user doesn't have trouble about fitting and disassembling the knives every day. 7) The machine is modular, it can be moved easily to elsewhere if it is requied. 8) The user will save %80 of amylum and will not have waste of dough.

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Already on the market

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The distributor partner will have direct contacts with the restaurants, bakeries, etc. and give underwriting to sell 10 machines in a year. This amount can be discuss between the partners.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250