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Turkish manufacturer of industrial air conditioning systems, air pipes, suspended ceiling and sandwich panels seeks agents and distributors

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Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries
Air filters and air purification and monitoring equipment


A Turkish company produces pipes, square ducts, steel constructions, suspended ceiling and sandwich panel for factories and large industrial units, as well as industrial air conditioning systems and equipment, dust collection and waste collection products. The company is looking for agents and distributors all around the world.



The Turkish company located in south east of the country was established in 1992. The company manufactures and assembles round pipes, square ducts, steel constructions, suspended ceilings and sandwich panels, as well as air conditioning and ventilation units. The company sells its products on the domestic and international markets and references can be provided upon request. The company sells to a number of high-profile clients in Turkey, as well as exporting to Uzbekistan, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia, which is mainly air pipes, air conditioning and ventilation machinery for textile factories.

Their product range includes five broad categories including:

1) Textile climate equipment - including axial fans, rotary filters, desk filters, dehumdification units, dumpers and shutters.

2) Construction industry material - including steel constructions, sandwich panels, air supply ducts and piping, suspended ceilings and plate diffusers.

3) Dust collection and waste collection products - including radial fans including high pressure units with 9.000-16.000 m3 flow rate, pre-filters, dust fans and collectors, waste collection silos. compactors, and central dust collection systems.

4) Complementary products - including jet filter cyclone, hydraulic bailing press, roving boring machine.

5) Industrial plant conditioning solutions - the company provides all kind of industrial air conditioning and ventilation services to factories, schools, hospitals,hotels etc. The company is capable of planning and projecting facilities based on the individual circumstances.

The company is looking for agents and distributors worldwide, but preferably in Europe and Asia. The ideal partner would be working already directly with manufacturing industries such as textiles, paper and construction and would be looking for a reliable supplier of ducting, air conditioning and ventilation systems.

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The company has over 29 years experience and signed many projects and applications in Turkey and abroad. The angle of axial fan blades can be adjusted manually according to air flow and pressure. Rotary filters cleaned trough automatic travelling cleaners assembled on the filters. Disk filter can be manufactured and designed for the desired capacity. Humidification units are made of stainless steel and aluminium material. Dumpers and Shutters are made of aluminium and stainless steel and automatically adjusted. Electric motors used in machines consume %10 less energy than rivals. Filters supply healthy and fresh air to working environment.

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The company is looking for agents and distributors preferably in Europe and Asia. Also, partners all around the world are welcome. Partner should find customers or sell products, distribute customers needs of machinery and spare parts.


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