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Turkish manufacturer producing healthy, natural, organic, traditional and mostly hand-made desserts, jam, marmalade, sauce, snacks and paste, is seeking for trade intermediary services.

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The Turkish company produces traditional Turkish vegan desserts, a mix of dried fruits with spices having no preservatives, nor additives. The products are gluten and GMO free, fat and sugar free and contain no flour. The company is offering organic and additive-free jams and marmalades, organic sloe extract - antioxidant, diabetic - pastes, snacks, sauces and other types of desserts and desires commercial and distribution agency agreement. Private labelling is also possible.



The manufacturing gourmet products company was founded in 2004 and since then has held an important position in the national market. It is located in the Western part of Turkey, at the foothill of Mount Ida and established in the right middle of major tourist sites of Gallipoli Peninsula and the ancient site of Troy.

The company, producing natural and traditional products, offers healthy food alternatives to locals as well as international consumers. Using the latest technology for packaging with regard to food safety and hygiene, the packages are made of different materials and quantity accordingly to the type of product.

Product categories include:

- Flour free, sugar free, fat free and gluten and GMO free vegan desserts
- Natural snacks
- Organic jams and marmalades
- Conventional jams and marmalades
- Traditional pastes
- Vegan sauces
- Special collection products
- Organic extract from an endemic wild forest fruit growing locally.

The company is already engaged in transnational cooperation by exporting to Germany, Switzerland, South Africa and Qatar through distributors. It holds an advantageous position in terms of logistics with its geographical strategic location - nearby to Istanbul Airport, Istanbul Port and Izmir Port. Bulgaria and Greece are easily accessible by road transport to the border gates.

Interested in internationalization and in expanding in the markets abroad; therefore, looking for distributors, healthy/organic food chains, horeca (hotel/restaurant/café) sector companies, caterers and catering companies, pastry shops, supermarkets to promote and sell the products.

Commercial and distribution agency agreement is offered. Distribution agreement is sought especially in Germany, France, Italy and UK.

The company is able to produce under private labels guaranteeing the quality of the raw materials with geographical indication, food quality and safety, certification and traceability.

The company also guarantees to meet customized orders and the requests of the customers in supplying products, controlling directly the entire chain of supply and production.

Certified suppliers for consumables are selected and inspected in accordance with the internal quality and food safety management system (BRC certification).

Advantages & innovations

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• The certain product groups are produced on a seasonal basis, providing customers the taste of differentiation. • The company keeps the stock of most of its products at minimum amount for fresh supply, albeit regularly having the stock of packages to deliver the order in time. • The company strictly follows its set of principles in order to maintain high-quality standards such as using natural ingredients, expanding on the international markets and designing their own packaging. The partner’s own name and/or logo on packages are printed if required. • Through study and research, the company constantly monitors technological innovation and introduces cultural novelty that allow improving the quality of internal processes and products. • By careful field studies of the territory, the company is able to identify the more suitable varieties for environmental circumstances, benefitting from the richness that nature can offer and increasing the quality of ingredients. This means not only building upon the latest innovation, but also bounding to heritage and reintroducing traditional tastes.

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The Turkish company is looking for distributors with knowledge and experience in the specific market for organic and healthy food products. The company is also looking for supermarkets that prefer premium, high quality products, as well as wholesalers, international retail chains or private label partners. Commercial agency agreement is offered to potential partners in Europe in order to increase the network of exclusive commercial representatives. Distribution services agreement is offered to relevant distributors to increase company's market share and the number of end-users in Europe. The distributor is expected to put effort that the products are marketed effectively as well as the market positioning are performed appropriately. Detailed informing is expected on issues such as the supervision of dealers, the regular information delivery of markets and sales by the distributor.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


230 gr murabba jar containing walnut, almond, date, hazelnut, carob flour, spices and herbs


250 gr sauce containing basil and tomato


250 gr sloe extract


350 gr dessert balls containing date, grape, walnut, almond,apricot, spices and herbs


250 gr dessert balls containing date, grape, walnut, almond,apricot, spices and herbs


500 gr dessert balls containing date, grape, walnut, almond,apricot, spices and herbs


75 gr dessert balls containing walnut, almond, date, hazelnut, carob flour, spices and herbs


500 gr dessert balls containing walnut, almond, date, hazelnut, carob flour, spices and herbs


250 gr pumpkin and orange marmalade


250 gr sauce containing roasted red pepper, roasted aubergine, garlic, parsley, black peppercorn


250 gr peach marmalade


250 gr plum marmalade