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Turkish medical filter manufacturer seeks distributors

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A Turkish company with 19 years of experience in the medical sector, manufactures filters that are used in respiratory function tests (RFT). The company wants to take action faster and meet customer demands with a distributor system or manufacture filters on behalf of foreign clients.



This Turkish company, which stepped into the medical sector in 2000, pioneered the transfer of many products, which are the basic requirements of the health sector to the market by producing R&D.
The company is conducting R&D and production activities in Erzurum Atatürk University ATA Teknokent. It manufactures filters that used in respiratory function tests (RFT).

Product Purpose
RFT Filters are used in respiratory function test laboratories to prevent / minimize infection from person to equipment and equipment to another person by cross-contamination.

Respiratory Function Test
Respiratory function tests, also known as lung function tests, are used to measure how well lungs work. These tests are helpful in the diagnosis of diseases in patients with complaints such as shortness of breath laboratory examination. Doctors use this test to support the diagnosis of asthma, pulmonary fibrosis (stiffening of lung tissue), COPD diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Product History
It is used in respiratory function test (RFT) devices. The high rate of bacteria and virus retention of the filter prevents cross-contamination of the patient and the device, while at the same time providing high air permeability to ensure the most accurate test results. Filters have been used for many years and have the most important impact on patient health.

During the respiratory function test, treatment is carried out with a filter system RFT filter that prevents the passage of bacteria and / or viruses from patient to device, device to patient by attaching the breathing apparatus to the end of the mouthpiece to be connected to the patient.

The company wants to be a supplier for this medical product and it is interested in manufacturing or distribution services agreements. It offers the supply of the product under manufacturing agreement and under distribution services agreement it offers distributors to import, promote and resale the product.

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The product is more reliable and cheaper than similar products. US Nelson Laboratories approved. All sizes are available. OPP (Oriente Poli Propilen) packing is available. Adapter options are available. CE, EN ISO 13485 quality certificates. Product shelf life is determined as 3 years as a result of performance tests.

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Already on the market

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As a result of the company's R & D activities, the company obtains a world-class product and want to expand it's international trade. Manufacturing or distribution services agreements are considered with partners. It offers the supply of the product under manufacturing agreement and under distribution services agreement it offers distributors to import, promote and resale the product. The partners are expected to have experience in the sale of medical products and have a broad network in the medical sector.