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Turkish organic fertiliser producer based on vermicomosting technology is looking for distribution services agreement

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The Turkish company is specialized in production of organic fertiliser based on vermicomposting technology. The company is willing to expand its business under distribution services agreement.



The Turkish company was established in 2014 in Edirne where is the agricultural area of Thrace region. The company is specialized in production of organic fertilizers.

The production technology is based on a compost of wood waste, vegetable waste and animal (horse, cow and sheep) manure from local farms that meet the quality and chemical standards. The process helps the natural fermentation, which sterilise the product from parasites. The next step consists in the digestion of the compost by four types of worms which enriches the chemical composition and loosen the texture.

The final product contains the necessary nutrients, enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones and microelements. Chemically it contains a higher concentration of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and a set of microorganisms and bacteria that are not found in the upper layers of the soil.
The texture of the product permits natural ventilation, permeability and water retention while assuring indirect benefits: improves the soil structure, sustains a healthy agriculture, reduces the usage of water, fertilisers and decreases the presence of dangerous chemicals in plants.

The company wants to expand its market and looking for distributors in order to expand its network preferably in EU member states.

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- The product has been tested for various types of soils and agricultural activities. - The product enriches the soil fertility. Current users reported increase in production which was confirmed by third party independent evaluators as up to 43% for tomato and 23% for pepper. - Wide application in: urban gardening, agriculture, green areas maintenance and management thus supporting processes of industrial and urban regeneration, social development, aesthetic projects. - The production can be customised to client’s needs by fine-tuning the process in order to influence the compost’s proportions of elements. - Personalized consultancy regarding the fertilisation plan according to soil properties and agricultural activities. , - Competitive prices compared to EU.

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The company is seeking to cooperate with distributors working closely with: - Networks, clusters and local development groups engaged in industrial and urban greening activities; - Farmers engaged in proximity agriculture in need of solutions for soil regeneration; The distributors will act as an interface between the Turkish company and the final client on the long term, not just selling the product but also receiving and transmitting the soil data, supporting the customization of the fertilisation process, gathering feedback about production and social results. In some cases, the distributor will also be engaged in the process of experimental testing the product for its clients thus acting as and advisor and focusing on receiving the feedbacks for the results.