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Turkish producer of plastic raw materials is seeking an agent to market its products in Europe and China

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The Turkish manufacturer of a range of polymeric raw products made out of plastics for spare parts in the automotive sector is looking for commercial agents to sell their services within recycled plastic vehicle parts in China, France, Germany and Romania.



The Turkish manufacturer established in the East Marmara region of Turkey in 2014 has over 15 years of experience on product design, manufacturing of recycled polypropylene and recycling compounds for the automotive industry. The company has 51 staff and has the capabilities of design, manufacturing and quality control of recycled plastic parts for automobiles, buses and other vehicles.
The product range includes granules, compounds and plastic injection components especially for vibration and isolation spare parts. At present, they are a supplier to major automotive companies such as Renault, Fiat, and FVR Masterbach and their products are widely distributed all over Turkey with exports to other countries in Europe as well as China. The manufacturing and processing facility has recently been increased to 6000 m2 and their machine park includes extruders, granule fans, granule breakers, and mixers. They also have a laboratory section which can test for MFI, humidity, tensile strength and hardness.
In order to continue their expansion, the company is looking for commercial agents with direct contacts to companies in the automotive sectors in China, France, Germany and Romania looking for a reliable and proven supplier of recycled plastic elements for vehicles

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The company can provide products from recycling materials to the final manufacturing steps, which means a full control of material production. - Their laboratory consists of many types of equipment needed to enhance and develop material quality and all products and materials are declared in IMDS portal to avoid hazardous substances. - The company has expertise in design and manufacturing of lightweight and durable parts for major brand names, showing their overall quality level

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The company seeks for agents in Europe and China for commercial agency agreements.

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>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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China, France, Germany, Romania