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A Turkish R&D company seeks partners for its smart greenhouse under financial agreement.

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A Turkish R&D company established in 2016 has developed a smart greenhouse supported by new technologies related to agriculture and passive energy strategies. The company seeks investors under financial agreement. The ideal partners would be R&D and agricultural companies especially experienced in solar greenhouse constructions.



A Turkish R&D company founded in 2016 has developed a project on "smart greenhouse". This project is an original design powered by different technologies such as soilless agriculture technology and passive energy strategies. It is a greenhouse project that can operate completely closed (or semi-closed) and can use renewable energy sources such as underground heat, solar energy and heat storage wall. It has a double facade that reduces heat loss / gain with the integration of underground heat. It aims for near zero energy consumption, minimum water, fertilizer and zero pesticides. Basically, the difference from normal greenhouses is that the greenhouse cover is double-facade. In this way, the heat loss and gain is less and the energy consumption decreases.

Additionally, the greenhouse can easily benefit from the underground heat thanks to this facade features. As known, although the underground heat varies according to the temperature zone at a depth of about 3 meters under the ground, it remains constant between 15-25 C in summer and winter. These temperatures are actually the suitable temperatures for growing many vegetables. By passing the underground heat directly through the double facade, the energy consumption of the greenhouse can be reduced considerably. In addition, the project produces solar energy using PV panels and stores energy by passive wall. Some technologies such as the antimicrobial surface technology will also be used to strengthen the plants and prevent them from getting sick easily. Production in the greenhouse will be on green leafy short vegetables. With vertical agriculture, water consumption will be reduced by 95-98% (with the help of rain water harvesting) and a high crop cultivation can be made in a limited area.

The company seeks R&D and agricultural companies active in solar greenhouse constructions under financial agreement.

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The ideal partners are R&D and agricultural companies with solid experience in solar greenhouse constructions.

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The R&D company looks for partners under financial agreement. Ideal partners would include R&D and agricultural companies especially experienced in solar greenhouse constructions. The Turkish company will provide the partner with all the design details and the technology used.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500