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A Turkish SME specialised in production and processing of advanced materials is seeking nanotechnology and biotechnology partners for joint R&D

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The SME is a technology company specialized in advanced materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites, special coatings etc.) and biotechnology (genetics, IVD, drug delivery, recombinant DNA technology etc.) and located in Ankara/Turkey. The SME is seeking partners from European countries for development of new products for different industries (aerospace, automotive, composites, medical devices, pharmaceuticals etc.) using advanced materials and technologies.



The SME is a technology company, established in 2011, located in ODTU Teknokent (Ankara/Turkey). Company is specialized in the production and processing of advanced materials such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and nano-sized metals/oxides/carbides, genetic materials, proteins, diagnostic kits etc. It has 2 experienced technology departments, namely Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Departments which perform their studies in a ~500 m2 laboratory area with relevant test equipments. The SME is also quite well-experienced in the up-scaling and manufacturing works, has scaled up and moved most of its products developed in R&D to its manufacturing facility. Some of these products can be listed as; graphene derivatives (100 tonnes/year), carbon nanotubes (>1 ton/year), specialized coatings (containing its advanced products) for Aerospace and Automotive Industries (~1000 tonnes/year), diagnostic kits for Covid-19 (~5 million reactions/year) and more. The SME puts special emphasis on Research&Development in order to develop more advanced products for industries. R&D Department of the company is composed of more than 20 employees which are led by PhD holding expert personnel and guided by academicians from different universities. Therefore, the company is mainly seeking for project partners from technology companies, manufacturers, research institutes which are interested to study in Advanced Materials and Biotechnology fields.

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The company has defined one of its missions as finding environment-friendly solutions to Europe’s raw material/product needs and developing environment-friendly processes for manufacturing of its products. As a result of this mission, the company has developed carbon nanotube production method that uses herbal carbon precursors instead of industrial gases such as methane and acetylene in 2013. Almost all of the carbon nanotube producers prefer the latter. Similarly, it has developed a method for graphene production which exfoliates graphene sheets from graphite with only physical forces, contains no dangerous chemicals or reactions that releases no harmful gaseous species to the air. Almost half of its competitors prefer modified versions of a chemical procedure (it’s called Hummers Method) which uses highly corrosive chemicals such as sulphuric acid and sodium nitrate and release Sox-NOx gases to the environment because of its high yield. Both of these methods are patented processes. The SME also develops application products together with European partners following the same environment protection mission. Graphene-based anti-corrosion coating is one of the products that will probably be in the market at the end of 2022. The company is studying together with Norwegian partners in order to replace Cr(IV) (a chemical which is hazardous for the environment) from the present coatings used in the industry with graphene to create environment-friendly alternatives for Europe. In another product development study, the R&D team develops graphene-reinforced composites for Aerospace and Automotive industries, for reducing the weight of vehicles in order them to be lighter, to use less fuel and protect the environment. Almost all of the R&D studies and manufacturing systems follows this mission and this makes its products both innovative and environment-friendly. That is why, the SME can sell its products to more than 60 countries including EU countries and USA.

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The company is seeking for partners from industry, academia and research organizations which are interested in advanced products, make innovations in their fields and preferably have established Research and/or Product Development teams. The company mainly focuses on advanced materials (graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites, special coatings etc.) and biotechnology (genetics, IVD, drug delivery, recombinant DNA technology etc.) fields. The company is seeking for partners dealing with related technologies, producing advanced materials or interested to integrate these technologies and products into their facilities and systems. It planning to create new project collaborations together with its partners in order European Industry to gain more advanced products for their new, value-added goods and take the lead in their fields globally. Similarly, they can develop advanced applications with their products to partner companies that are interested to integrate new materials to their systems.

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