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Turkish tech-company offers artificial-intelligence (AI) based cognitive abilities and skills development training system under a commercial agency agreement

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A Turkish software development company located in Ankara has created an online cognitive abilities and skills development training platform which automatically customizes the content and methodology of the training for each child through innovative artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Partners are sought for a commercial agency agreement.



The tech-start-up was founded in 2017 within the structure of reputable mechanical incorporation and developed tailored software systems for resource management, data analytics, planning, tracking and reporting. Apart from the enterprise software solutions, the company produced software education platforms which are already on the market and still being used by more than 200.000 children in Turkey.
The artificial intelligence (AI) based online training platform, -through an algorithm and calculations- identifies the learning habits of the children and introduces training content through customized methodologies specifically tailored for each person. The software ensures a better motivation for the child to learn through an effective and rapid learning experience.
The platform also provides an online-interactive infrastructure to accelerate the overall development of children under reasoning, attention, memory, perception, and coordination topics which are the main issues that education system in all countries try to measure and evaluate.
The platform works independently over its own cloud service or own servers of each institution. Because the platform needs to be customized specifically for the syllabus and teaching plans of each institution separately. On the other hand, personal information and learning habits of the students will be securely encrypted and saved in their own hosting units of the institutions.
The company is looking for agency agreements with companies experienced in both software and the education sectors, to resell the platform to potential clients, installing and adapting to their own needs and systems. The system will be compatible with other countries and cultures after interpretation and adaptation.

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The education platform is a dynamic platform, which has a fundamental structure that needs to be installed and customized for each user in the beginning by a professional; then every user adopt their own teaching syllabus, program, questions and scoring system themselves without any technical knowledge and they easily determine the methodology and run it themselves. According to different learning habits of each child -independent from language and culture- the platform offers a personalized training program for a faster and efficient learning experience.

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Already on the market

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The potential partner is expected to have knowledge and experience in the education sector and a software division or solution partner to easily manage the software platform. The partners are expected to serve as the authorized commercial agents who would govern the marketing, installation, training and after-sales support duties in their zones or countries. The product needs to be installed and customized for each institution and user training should be delivered. In case of any support needs or version updates, the agents should also assist and provide sustainability.

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SME 11-50,SME <10