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Turkish turkey meat processing company seeks distributors

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A long-established Turkish company, based in Antalya, and specialized in poultry sector which produces a wide range of meat products with turkey, and is experiencing very fast growth, is looking for distributors in order to sell their products.



A Turkish poultry meat company, based in Antalya, is looking for distributors for his products, since the company is aiming to expand in different markets.

The products of the company are whole or parts of turkey meat (cooked/frozen), dumplings (cooked/frozen), done by turkey meat (cooked/frozen), dumplings by turkey meat (cooked/frozen), and various kinds of delicatessen using turkey meat.

The company has been established in 1996, and currently the share of the company in Turkish poultry market has risen from 27 %( in 2016) to 47% in 2017. The company is open to any kind of commercial cooperation within the scope of its products.

In the year 2016, the company has engaged a transformation in its production methods by means of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, and high productivity and quality has been achieved.

The company has already engaged in transnational sale to different countries like Dubai, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Syria etc. and the yearly production capacity of the company has reached to 16,795,858 kg in 2017.

The method of payment can be by the systems of FOB (Free on Board) and CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight), and flexibility can be provided.

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The company is making production in high hygiene conditions and by the help of rapid production methods without any intervention of workers. By up-to-date technological production methods, high productivity and quality products are produced. The company has been established in 1996, so that a long-term experience could have been achieved in this field.

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The company sought can be any company involved with or desiring to get involved with turkey meat and planning to produce different types of products using turkey meat.