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UK-based company looking for a manufacturer of innovative stainless steel bowl

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A fast growing, multi-award winning London design brand is seeking a manufacturer of exceptional quality for its sculptural stainless steel bowl. The London-based SME is looking to sign a manufacturing agreement with companies that deliver remarkable quality stainless steel.



The London-based company explores the physical properties of materials to generate aesthetic products made of exceptional quality. The company won the 2012 Reddot Design award for their wine decanter and the 2014 Enterprise Europe Network Award for their borosilicate vase. The vase also won the 2017 German Design Award for excellent product design.

The London-based company is now seeking a manufacturer for their innovative stainless steel bowl which is of 345 millimetres diameter and 1.2 millimetres thick.

The first order will be of 300 pieces, including a gift box, a mailer box and master cartons.

The bowl will be made using the deep draw process. It is a double walled bowl. The two walls shall be half spheres. The flange of the inner bowl shall remain attached, so that it can be welded to the outer wall. Three holes of different sizes and positions shall be cut into the outer wall. Tooling shall be provided to create these holes.

The bowl will come in two finishes:
1) Mirror polished.
2) Mirror polished, apart from the outer wall, which shall be a satin finished.

The company is also very interested to explore the possibility of creating the bowl in other materials. This might include a layered material: stainless steel with copper or brass or bronze.

Advantages & innovations

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The bowl can sit at three possible angles. At 22 degrees, the bowl holds its contents modestly. It becomes more inviting when tilted to 36 degrees and, at 48 degrees, it flaunts its contents. Ordinarily, a base would interrupt the form of a bowl. Here the three bases are incorporated into the aesthetics of the design. The bowl is double-walled, welded and mirror-finished. Holes in the outer wall reflect in the inner wall and objects in the bowl are mirrored.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

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The bowl must sit flat on glass at all three angles (to avoid distortion during welding, it is necessary to purge with Argon gas to draw away heat, whilst welding, and to attach metal to draw away heat). The bowl would be built from an estimated sheet thickness of 1.8 millimetres, in order to result in a final thickness of 1.2 millimetres. The circle cut finish needs to feel smooth to touch (so that it does not damage a wooden surface on which it may sit). A slight radius here is desirable. A logo and date of first manufacture and material will be at the base of the bowl. This will be very fine in detail and ideally laser etched, but stamping is acceptable. Mirror polish shall be of exceptional quality, with polish brush marks imperceptible. Electropolish would be desirable. Matt finish shall be of a very soft satin finish, with almost imperceptible brush marks, to avoid an industrial finish. For the packing, a polythene bag would be needed as well as Silica gel (moisture absorbing tablet) inside the bag. Black materials will be used on the presentation box. The logo on the box will be foil blocked with blocking die. The foam should be of high quality on both lid and box and should be firm. High quality bubble wrap shall be wrapped neatly round the presentation box, before placing in the mailer box.

Partner sought

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A craftsman or manufacturer of stainless steel who possesses a passion and pride for delivering exceptional quality and has great attention to detail. The partner sought delivers product of remarkable quality and the bowl will be finished to the highest standard using the best quality stainless steel. The manufacture shall be strict quality control in-house. Tooling for this complex and technical bowl shall be provided by the brand. The manufacturer can purchase separately the packaging and charge in one invoice. The bowl is an unusual piece and will present difficulties during production, so the right manufacturer will also enjoy a challenge.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,SME 51-250


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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden