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A UK based company offers a social media type of functionality for smart devices:offering secure easy connection, tracking and management of sensors and beacons

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Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
Data Protection, Storage, Cryptography, Security
Internet of Things
Sensor Technology related to measurements
Electronic measurement systems
Energy management
Industrial measurement and sensing equipment
Process control equipment and systems
Other industrial automation
Data processing, hosting and related activities
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A UK based company specialising in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), engineering, semantics, automatic data processing, machine learning, blockchain, and mobile solutions, seeks to participate in projects and programs like Horizon 2020, under a joint venture agreement. Of particular interest are areas such as advanced manufacturing, agriculture 4.0 (advanced farming tech), smart city, waste collection and other process automation related markets by using sensors and smart devices.



The UK based company has experience of active participation in European funded projects in the areas of secure wireless communication and Industry 4.0 which, concerns the next generation of automated data collection and data exchange in industrial technologies and processing. The company now seeks participation in both publicly and privately funded projects and programs. In particular, the company would like to work with partners who seek to automate their processes in fields such as manufacturing, waste collection and agriculture. Automation will lead to reduction in operational costs in addition to increasing both process efficiency and quality.

According to surveys, 67% of SMEs today believe that soon, IoT will play a crucial role in their business. Nevertheless, automation technologies remain unattainable due to the high-cost implication and the requirement for the application of high-level technical expertise.

The mission of the company is to develop a secure automated data collection and processing system for smart devices, robots, beacons, and sensors. By using their services, any company can easily become a part of the Industry 4.0 revolution and automate their production activities without developing costly in-house solutions.

- easy connection of different types of sensors
- blockchain-based authentication and security
- machine-readable data format
- machine learning
- automatic data processing and smart algorithms

The goal of the cooperation is to create/join a consortium and participate in Horizon 2020 and other programs to complete the development of a market-ready solution.

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The current state-of-the-art does not allow for an out-of-the-box connection of any sensors with their subsequent control and management. And in-house solution development may cost dozens of thousands of euro. The goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that anyone can use without special knowledge and expertise. This will allow SMEs to join the IoT revolution and automate processes. To provide automatic data processing and secure features, the platform uses cutting-edge techs (e.g. semantics and blockchain). The semantic data format is the basis for creating smart algorithms of data and statistics processing. This helps to make data-driven business decisions and find hidden insights. The company is able to demo the IoT secure management, control, monitoring and tracking with the help of the Proof-of-Concept. Eventually, the platform will allow creating a new type of unified IoT network and a public database of smart devices. IoT devices unification will improve the effectiveness of every actor through the whole supply chain and give birth to a synergy effect.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The company is interested to be a part of a consortium which is going to participate in an EU grant program(s). The company is also looking for pilots/trials which are interested to implement the solution on theirs sites to automate manufactoring or other processes.