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UK-based engineering and industrial technology firm offers flexible and efficient indirect heating solutions under licensing agreement

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The UK-based company is a design and engineering firm, specialising in optimisation and decarbonisation of process heat. The company has developed solutions for water bath heater upgrades, combining fast response and precision control with reliability and efficiency required for critical thermal processes. They are looking to partner with providers of bath heaters under a licensing agreement in order to offer their technology and enter new markets.



In the UK, process heat represents the largest share of industrial energy use, accounting for up to 66 per cent of industrial energy consumption in 2016. Therefore, heat holds among the highest opportunities for conservation potential, as it can be optimised with a range of techniques to reduce losses and ensure efficient use.

Problems associated with poor temperature control can be divided into two categories: underheating and overheating,
respectively referring to the fluctuation of station outlet temperature below and above ideal safe operating temperature.

The company's technology can ease these concerns as it safely and efficiently heat gases and liquids.Their solution, combining AI-enhanced control optimisation and new generation of dynamic responsive indirect heating packages, reduces thermal lag and drastically lowers the amount of energy wasted in the heating process.

The London-based company provides broad support to customers ranging from energy advisory services to solution integration.

The company's solution is an innovative type of heater that guaranties rapid start-up, precision temperature control and reliability previously unachievable with traditional indirect heating technology. Their solution is intended for large-scale producers generating and supplying heat to entire cities/districts.

The company works closely with gas distribution networks and is looking to partner with a strategic partner involved in the heating industry which would have experience that complement theirs. The company would like to license their technology to companies that would benefit from their solution. The objective would be for the company to penetrate the district heating supply chain and to have their innovative heater set up in more cities.

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Indirect water bath heaters are used globally and would benefit from modernisation with a more efficient, adaptive and responsive alternative. The company's patented solution represent the first indirect heating technology available at industrial scale to match energy supply with demand in real-time. The company has installed 17 heaters across the UK and proven reductions in overheating can be reduced by as much as 95%. The company's patented solution has the following advantages: - Rapid start-up and load response. - Simple site integration - savings from reuse of existing pipework valves. - Precise control - reduction in overheating of up to 95% - Familiarity - service requirements similar to water bath heater technology using readily available components. - Industrial design offering long equipment life. - Low unplanned maintenance cost with high quality materials and low complexity. - Low 20 year plant replacement costs (asset life up to 40 years). Also the company's solution is: - Fast and flexible: heat transfer rates 10 to 25 times higher than traditional indirect heating technologies, adapting easily to changing heat requirements. - Efficient and economic: high thermal efficiency and accurate temperature control provide fuel savings of up to 45%. - Reliable and durable: natural circulation eliminates the need for maintenance of moving parts and lengthens unit life, ideal for applications in critical infrastructure.

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The company is looking to partner with companies with expertise in the heating industry such as: - Companies specialising in processes involving streams; - Manufacturers and vendors of water bath heaters, - Companies providing process solutions including steam systems operating under vacuum, - Suppliers of heat exchangers, - Companies working in the thermal processes and control sector. The company is looking to license its technology to the above mentioned partner to modernise how water heaters are used globally and reduce overheating generally.

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