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UK based R&D Company that has developed a revolutionary, handheld cooking device with patented technology for the testing of meat doneness throughout the grilling process is seeking commercial agency or distribution partners

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The UK company has fully developed a unique and patented device to accurately test the level to which a steak is cooked both during and after the cooking process. The device offers significant benefits over currently available options through unique innovations. The company is seeking commercial agency or distribution agreements with retail and supply companies.



The UK company, established in 2014 has developed a new device to test the level to which a meat is cooked, for instance a beef steak, providing an instant and accurate digital reading.
The product accurately tests the level to which a meat is cooked to, either during or after the cooking process, providing an instant and clear digital reading within three seconds. Using the device is simple and user friendly and does not negatively affect the cooking process.
It is fully developed with all necessary data files available to allow for mass manufacture. The company holds granted patents.
The product is aimed at a number of sectors within the food preparation market, in particular; the general consumer (BBQ and home cook), cooking enthusiast, gadget and gift and the commercial cooking sectors, all of which are well established with substantial global spend.
It is currently calibrated for beef steak, however it has been independently, successfully tested to work on pork and lamb as well. A function that can be included through a minor algorithm change or be added to future or premium versions.
• The steak is tested by placing the device onto the steak, which measures the firmness of the meat through the pressure exerted onto the device’s sensor. The device does not penetrate the meat.
• A microprocessor uses the thickness and resistance of the meat to calculate the level to which a steak is cooked, displaying the result on a digital screen in a simple and clear reading, within three seconds of placing the device onto the meat. The device is then immediately ready to check further steaks.
• The results are displayed as Blue, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well or Well Done.
• The device is cordless and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery.
• The device is calibrated to United States Department of Agriculture standards, but the user can adjust settings to their own preference using the user-friendly APP.
The company is requesting commercial or distribution agreements with commercial entities in retail and supply companies.

Advantages & innovations

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• Trusted and established method – the device mechanises and improves on a well-established and trusted manual chef’s technique. • The device is targeted at an already large, but still growing market, offering a unique solution with a number of benefits over existing options. • The device is intuitive to use and does not require any prior knowledge or experience for example required temperatures. • The device is perfect for testing a large number of steaks in quick succession, even when varying cooking levels are required. • The device does not require any precision placement or piercing of the meat, improving hygiene as well as quality of the culinary outcome. • The process of using the device does not impact the grilling process, whether in a commercial or consumer scenario. i.e. the device requires very little effort and focus to use and allows for multitasking.

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Available for demonstration

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The company is seeking commercial agency where a company acts as an agent for the UK company or a distribution agreement where the overseas company acts as a distributor for the company and should have links into commercial or retail outlets.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500


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