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UK-based SME seeks product development expertise for their functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles

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A UK-based SME is developing a range of functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles that have enhanced properties compared to metallic equivalents at a lower cost. The SME is looking for partners to further product development of these nanoparticles in the medical sector and/or other sectors, including validation and optimisation as well as guidance through the regulatory process. It is envisaged that the partnerships will be technical cooperation agreement or research cooperation agreements.



Nanoparticles are used for a range of applications in the medical and health fields, such as for surface coatings, drug delivery, air and water purification, detection and for research.These nanoparticles tend to be metallic, such as gold or silver, and as a result are expensive.

A UK-based SME is developing functionalised non-metallic nanoparticles using elements such as silica, alumina or carbon to provide the functional benefits of more conventional nanoparticles but at a lower costs. The SME is developing these nanoparticles for a range of applications in the medical sector.

The SME is looking for partners with experience and expertise in product development to help with the development of the non-metallic nanoparticles as the SME wants to expand the range of applications they can be used for and to validate and improve the performance of the product. The partnership is envisaged as a technical cooperation or a research cooperation depending on the situation of the potential partner.

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The SME is looking for partners who have experience and expertise in the field of product development involving nanoparticles. In particular the company is looking for expertise in product validation and optimisation as well as regulations and clinical trials in order to scope and travel a path to market for medical applications.

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The SME is looking for partners, either other companies, universities or research institutes that can provide expertise in nanoparticle product development. In particular in terms of validating and improving performance, scoping and generating data for regulatory requirements and conducting clinical trials. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a technical cooperation agreement or a research cooperation agreement, depending on the particular situation of the potential partner.