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UK company that designs and manufactures electronic project equipment, components, and other tools for the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education market seeks distributors

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The UK company that has been established for over 30 years has been supplying educational establishments with electronic project kits, electronic, robotic, pneumatic and digitised components to assist with the delivery of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, is seeking distributors under a distribution services agreement.



The company, that was established in 1986 was a spinout from a UK University as a not-for-profit company.
It has a history of working with many new designs and technologies, and with science specialists and schools to inspire and make learning fun.
It supplies technical education resources, many of which are manufactured in the UK, to assist students in designing and using technology within schools.
The company continuously seeks to innovate with new ranges of scientific and technology products for the education sector. The product ranges include a range of electronic project components, rockets and racers, motors, their flagship programmable controller product, robotics, smart materials and scientific equipment.

The newest innovation is a circuit board controlled via easy-to-use software. The company has constantly enhanced this product to keep ahead of competitors. It is unique as the design both enables and supports physical computing. Children and students can design an engineered product with the capability to easily add lights, movement and various sensors, all while improving their knowledge of programming skills. The custom drag-and-drop software was inspired by Scratch software, which is widely recognised within the teaching profession. The latest enhancements to the product makes it even more robust and easy to use, which means even non-specialist teachers are able to use with their students. The company are in R&D stage to develop a version that will be available for a younger age group to use.
The company has one established distributor in Spain but are looking to extend their distribution network through distribution services agreements in other countries.

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The company are recognised in the UK as leading suppliers of specialist electronic suppliers to the education sector and the wide variety of quality products stimulate interest in STEM by students and school children who can utilise their components to design and build working models. The company has experience of working with distributors in Spain and has also sold into US and China. The products are designed to be easy to use, accessible to ages 7-11 years and for non-specialist teachers. Products are a teaching tool that supports learning and creativity through physical computing. The company have created an ecosystem of accessories and support material. Products are constantly being innovated to be able to link to the latest software technology. As a small business the company are able to adapt products swiftly to meet the changing needs of both clients, markets and curriculum as opposed to larger organisations.

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The company is seeking distribution partners who will operate as a sole country representative under a distribution services agreement and should have the expertise to tailor resources supplied to the local market including translation of marketing materials. The distributors should already supply into educational establishments such as schools or universities or have contacts within the education sector.

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