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UK company with new innovative wrench tool technology seeks licencing agreements

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This UK company has developed a unique wrench tool that can be used to easily loosen and remove tight/seized nuts and bolts. The technology can be used across multiple sectors including automotive, space, construction and manufacturing for example. The company seeks licensing agreements with suitable partners in the UK and overseas .



This newly formed UK company has developed a new wrench tool which can loosen and remove tight or seized nuts and bolts easily. The tool is based on a traditional breaker bar but is adapted to fulfill two applications. The first being a traditional 1/2 square drive breaker bar, currently used in many industries such as automotive and aerospace to remove nuts and bolts. The second application demonstrates new innovative technology where the same product can be used as an impact tool which can increase available torque by up to 30%. This new application is initiated by removing a screw or pin, making it an easy tool to use in personal or commercial settings.
The tool can be adapted to accept different spanner ends such as combination spanners, open ended, and Stilson applications if needed. This is the only known tool that allows the addition of hand powered torque without the need for electrical or pneumatic energy, so making it ideal for use in the space sector too.
The company is looking for partners to help bring this new innovation to the market. The company would like to work with a licensing partner who would be responsible for the manufacturing and distribution in selected exclusive markets.

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The main USP of this new product is the higher "shock" loading torque which can be applied to a seized or overly tight nut, bolt or cap head screw, or many other fasteners found in use in engineering. The tool can also be used to loosen fasteners on a rotating assembly, which is often difficult due to the rotation. It can be used to tighten nuts and bolts without the need to use overly long leverage or hammers. The product is particularly useful if only one hand is available to both hold the spanner and turn it at the same time.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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The UK company is looking for licensing partners to take the innovative tool to market. The partner would be in charge of the manufacturing and distribution in agreed markets. Ideally the partner would already be in the tool industry and have existing contact across all relevant sectors. The UK company has a fully working prototype available for demonstration and would be able to provide all product details and support necessary.