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UK company offering coding e-learning courses is seeking commercial agency and license agreements worldwide

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UK e-learning software company provides online courses to people to learn how to code. The company is seeking license agreements and/or agents who will re-sell the solution on to their clients under license.



UK e-learning software company based in the UK provides online courses to people to learn how to code. The company was established four years ago. The UK company specialises in e-learning courses in computer programming. They currently have six online courses available but are continuously developing new courses. The courses available include:

1. C#
2. C ++
3. ASP.Net MVC
4. Python
5. HTML 5 with JavaScript and CSS3
6. Java.

The C# and HTML 5 course are Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) compliant and Tin Can compliant. Other courses can be re authored for compliance if necessary.

There is a clearly recognised shortage of software developers around the world. These courses will provide an online platform to educate people to become developers. The platform will provide courses in industry standard programming languages. The courses will be rigorous enough to meet the requirements of employers. The hands on training will allow students create example industry standard software applications.

The training allows individuals and companies to improve their knowledge of coding and prepare for certification. The courses are in depth but easy to follow through video tutorial and practice modules.

Several major training providers are already distributing these courses to their corporate clients.

The UK company is seeking additional training providers, educational establishments and re sellers of online courses to promote and distribute its courses through a revenue share model. The company is seeking license agreements and commercial agency agreements.

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The key advantage of these courses is that it allows individuals to improve their career opportunities by learning how to code in the most popular modern languages. The courses are in-depth but easy to follow. They include videos, graphics and code solution downloads. The courses will provide a cutting-edge learning experience. Their design increases the learner's engagement and enthusiasm as they complete a course. Learners will increase their motivation by engaging with their learning community via forums. The multi-channel learning experience will include videos, graphics, step-by-step guides and jargon busters. This will appeal to a wide range of learning styles, backgrounds and abilities. The platform will fill a clear gap in the current provision for developer learning. Existing methods are either too basic or ad-hoc to provide the appropriate skills, or too complex and difficult to navigate for their audience

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The company is open to several business models including: Licensing out their courses to large educational institutions such as universities, colleges or schools either across the whole institution or via department. Revenue sharing through a commercial agency agreement. The re-seller would sell on to their clients. Companies may purchase license to access the system or may purchase the possibility of white labelling the courses to implement in their own e-learning package.