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UK company offers licensing agreements for their ISO management system software

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This UK consulting and training organization has developed an ISO enterprise management system solution which can hold any number of ISO standards. It can provide all the major business frameworks with preloaded best practise library of checklists and assessments. They offer licensing agreements to business partners worldwide.



Established in 2010, this UK consulting and training company noticed the difficulties their clients faced in implementing and maintaining the ISO standards. Hence, they used their expert knowledge and experience and built an automated system to help manage any ISO management system. This system solution has many benefits including its ability to hold any number of ISO standards incorporating legal & regulatory and business frameworks using one centralized system. It is highly customizable and configurable according to the business practices and business maturity.
The system can be used by any organisation as it is not industry specific. An organisation does not need an ISO standard to make use off the system.
The software can also help manage the organisational strategy with the capability to handle the business profile including the organization structure (Chart), the key business processes with the compliance obligations as well as identifying the context of the organisation and stakeholder management. governance, compliance and risk management, information management, audit, inspection of businesses across industries.
It can leverage built-in best practices and industry standards enabling a streamlined, consistent, and risk-based audit process which monitors issues and recommendations to closure.
The web-based app has a responsive interface that allows auditors to enter data on the go from the convenience of their tablets and mobile devices.
The system has the facility to measure the business impact (in dollar values) of the all the audit findings.
This company currently works with partners in the consulting and training sector who promote the system in their respective regions including United Arab Emerates, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Netherlands and UK.
They seek to expand their business in the UK and Europe and offer licensing agreements to appropriate business partners where they can work together to grow their business.
They aim to establish a long-term business partnership
with successful partners.

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This UK organisation is specialised in business performance management, which focuses on people, process and technology domains. They have shown that they are a serious business partner showing flexibility, reliability and competence. Their Business management system has powerful functionality extending beyond the generic business applications with a potential customised layout which can be adapted to corporate identity and customized design including intuitive user interface using artificial intelligence capabilities. It is integrated with the business strategy, human resources, business operations, documentation management and internal audit. The solution improves enterprise efficiency and department workflow and communication. It can provide integrated reporting, analysis and notification solutions, financial and operational planning system and many other business intelligent tools. The system is secure and available on cloud and on-premise. It provides a hassle free document management system with digital signatures, an auto approval process and email triggers. The system is easy to integrate and can be customised to all business formats giving business impact analysis combined with objective setting and business scorecards. With excellent risk Management capabilities and a preloaded best practices library it provides a paperless audit cycle and a return on investment tracker. The system creates a continual improvement culture which leads to an improvement of the company’s credibility and image, customer satisfaction and better process integration. Companies use the system to improve evidence for decision making, engagement of employees, facilitating and identifying training opportunities. It is cost effective and helps a business to be more efficient and it is multilingual (German, English, Spanish, French).

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The partner should have a strong customer base and have knowledge and expertise in the licensing or development of CRM platforms. Successful Partners will be allocated a territory. They will identify potential partners and business associates for business development purposes. They will demonstrate and promote the software to potential customers. Consulting skills are required to help clients in the implementation and support for additional configurations with the support of the company. Once the system has been adopted by a client this company will work with them creating a project plan on the implementation and integration of the system with their current systems. The details of any contract will be agreed at the discussion stage.

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SME 51-250