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UK company offers supply and installation of geosynthetic liner products for outdoor and industrial applications.

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The UK based company is a supplier and expert installer of comprehensive range of geosynthetic liner products sourced from two manufacturers in both smooth and textured varieties in a wide range of thickness to meet their customer needs. Types of agreements sought: Subcontracting Potential partners may operate mining sites and oil refineries world-wide as well as the other applications previously mentioned subcontracting agreements.



The UK company supplies and installs a wide range of geosynthetic liner products to national and international markets.These products are sourced from two specialist manufacturers, with which the company has a long working relationship.

The company also supplies and install other geosynthetic components including geosynthetic clay liners, geotextiles, and geocomposite where multiple layers are required.

The company offers expert service and advice for lining technology in the installation of a wide variety of environments such as; anaerobic digestion tank liners, bund and oil/fuel lining, golf course liners, lake liners, bio-gas reactors and other applications.

The company is looking to supply & install geosynthetic materials or to just provide installation where the customer prefers to purchase the geosynthetic lining materials.

Partners sought could either be petrochemical businesses, water utility companies, ground works and utility contractors, etc. that have a regular need for subcontracted supply and installation services for high-performance liners.

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The company uses the latest high tech welding equipment available and innovative deployment techniques which enables them to provide high quality installations. The aging resistance of geomembranes and evaluation of long term behaviour under consideration of project experiences: Geomembranes used in four projects after exposure in different climatic zones were tested for the amount of stabilzation and for the changes of their properties. After up to 30 years exposure to weathering the membranes revealed a reduction of the antioxidants content, but the mechanical properties did not significantly change. The company has over thirty years experience in the industry and contributes its knowledge and experience to the preparation of most third-party contracts.

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The company offers expert service and advice for lining technology in the installation of a wide variety of environments and is seeking site operating companies planning to manage their leak prevention or lake and pond facilities requirements through a subcontracted relationship. For example: Golf course liners - to provide a waterproof lining for lakes and water hazards on golf courses. Refinery and petrochemical storage - to prevent leakage from the bund into the local environment/ground water in the event of a spill.

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