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UK company offers virtual reality discovery engine

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UK company is developing a set of solutions that enable virtual reality content to be compatible and accessible across all devices such as mobile, virtual reality head sets and laptops via a proprietary WebVR interface. They are also developing an "Exploration Engine" to help users browse and discover new content. The UK company is looking for virtual reality content owners or publishers to partner via a commercial agreement with technical assistance.



Virtual reality content on the web cannot be accessed by everyone with a different device often needed to experience the virtual reality content. Content that is currently available and promoted by the existing platforms is predominantly limited to games. Furthermore, the user experience scrolling and browsing virtual reality content is currently the same experience as being on any application store. This is limiting and often unsatisfactory for end users.

The UK company, which is based in South East England, has developed a virtual reality discovery portal so that end users can access virtual reality content that they may never have found otherwise or would not have been available to them.

The company's portal acts as a virtual reality content exploration engine that will be accessible to a potential audience of over four billion internet users. It utilizes web virtual reality, overlaid on a web browser. By connecting virtual reality with the web, the company will unlock content monetization options such as subscriptions, advertising, content on demand and bundles amongst other areas.

This UK company is seeking to work with virtual reality content creators or brand owners with a view to agreeing a commercial agreement with technical assistance. Potential partners can be news and media broadcasters, museums, art galleries, independent artists and telecommunication companies on the route to 5G.

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Universal access across devices via the Web A discovery engine to browse and discover content in a new way.

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Prototype available for demonstration

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UK company is looking for telecommunication operators and telecommunication companies on the route to 5G. They are also interested in virtual reality content publishers and owners. Ideal partners can be news and media broadcasters, museums, art galleries and independent artists. UK company is willing to enter into commercial agreement with technical assistance. Potential partners will be able to access a freeware of their discovery engine SDK (Software Development Kit) during the project development phase in 2019-2020.

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SME 11-50,University,R&D Institution,SME <10,>500 MNE,251-500,SME 51-250,>500