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UK company providing digital solutions for assisted living is looking for social care & services partners under license agreements

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UK company provides digital solutions for assisted living through a secure platform that enable healthcare, social care, and housing providers to tackle 'the poverty premium' often experienced by disadvantaged communities. Their online platform integrates secure connectivity, digital inclusion services, health & care support, and remote monitoring to synergise different services. They seek partners within social services (both public and private) for collaborations based on licensing agreement.



The UK company has launched a secure platform connected to user devices to enable better independent living, health and social care outcomes, as well as improved digital access and skills for those with long-term conditions.

The platform provides a service integration and a taste of what is possible on the way to AI that fully synergises and digitalises a range of services.

Installing this platform gives both user and care provider an immediate and direct conduit to better understand needs and conditions.

This in turn improves the sharing and use of information towards self-help and family engagement as well as professional interventions, enabling better decisions on the level of ongoing care. It also gives users a new window to the world for communication and services; leading to improved health, wellbeing, and ultimately a longer period of independent living.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the company extended their platform to over 500 users across several regions in the UK and has since become an integral partner to access public services and information.

The company delivers multiple public and private sector contracts and have been approved on Crown Commercial Service (Covid-19 catalogue of suppliers) and National Health Service (NHS) framework contracts. The company is currently looking to find global partners, both public and private, to collaborate on building digital, integrative solutions that improve lives, skills, and opportunities for all social services users across healthcare provisions. A license agreement is sought.

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The most vulnerable members of society are disproportionately reliant on public services. Yet these are the people least likely to have access to the digital tools and skills that could help meet that demand. For those who don't have access to digital services, life is more expensive than it need be. They are charged a premium because they use pre-payment meters. They aren't always switched to the best fuel tariff. They pay to receive paper bills and aren't using the cheapest billing method. The only credit they can access costs more. And they pay a host of other premiums all related to where they live. Addressing the ‘poverty premium' saves the average disadvantaged household an estimated £490 a year on living costs. The UK company has built a solution that enhances people's digital inclusion starting from most essential services like healthcare provisions. The technology leverages rapid deployment and secure connectivity for video calling with providers across a wide range of services through bespoke apps. This provides a holistic view of the services utilised by the user, enabling synergies and optimisations at local level. The solution places a strong emphasis on fighting isolation, making it very easy for users to communicate with family and friends. Moreover, it integrates a community app with a messaging function that allows users to access public information through access to web, apps and other online resources. The community app includes interest groups and facilitates interactions among its members, enabling users to expand their social circle. Finally, aside from addressing the shortfalls of siloed social service provision, the company's platform builds digital literacy and boosts users' confidence. This has a direct correlation with improved mental and physical wellbeing as well as reduced social isolation.

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The UK company is seeking partners within telecare and telehealth providers, suppliers, housing associations, care providers, emergency services, pharmaceutical companies, academia, charities, government bodies, and health and social care commissioners and / or other entities that may benefit from providing confidence for their users and enable multi discipline provider interactions. The UK company will work with partners to deploy their digital solution as part of a simple, small scale deliverable or as part of a larger and longer term objective. Moreover, partnerships could also be sought with organisations that are working with social services and wish to collaborate, perhaps because they lack a critical part of the company's digital, integrative technology. It is envisaged that the partnership will take place in the form of a licensing agreement.