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UK company requests manufacturing of luxury metal chess sets using a precision investment casting process under a manufacturing agreement

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A UK company is looking for a manufacturing partner for producing an existing range of city-themed luxury chess sets. The partner should have the production capacity to manufacture medium to high volumes of product units, it must have a quality assurance system and to produce pieces that range from 115mm to 230mm in height. A manufacturing agreement with a precision investment casting specialist is sought.



An established UK company with worldwide sales, operating within the board game industry is looking for a manufacturer to mass produce an existing range of city-themed luxury chess sets. It is required that the manufacturer specialises in precision investment casting processes.The chess pieces are to be made of steel or aluminium. Other metals will be considered depending on the factories capabilities.
Each chess set consists of thirty-two chessmen (sixteen black and sixteen silver) and six individual pieces.
The black pieces need to be suitably finished/coated to ensure a contrasting surface when compared to the silver chess pieces. Each chess piece needs to have a machine cut felt base neatly applied to the bottom. The UK company will provide the necessary artwork and felt specification to assist achieving the desired results.
The manufacturing of the chess board is not part of this request. The UK company understands that the assembly of the products may need to be outsourced if this service is not provided within the factory.
The manufacturer will need to have the capacity to scale up the production of the chess pieces depending on order quantities. The order volumes ideally could be several hundreds or thousands of sets depending on demand.
The orders will need to be shipped in high load bearing (HLB) packaging foam within a brown outer carton to the UK.

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Specialist in precision investment casting processes. Medium-High volume production capacity. Quality assurance system. There are currently five chess set designs. The measurements for each set is different and ranges from 115mm to 230mm in height. The value of the orders is expected to be between £20,000 to £150,000.

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Already on the market

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A manufacturing partner that is able to take our digital 3D models and produce tools and then high-quality and volume production of the pieces to an agreed standard, using precision investment casting techniques.

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SME 11-50,SME <10,251-500,SME 51-250


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