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UK company is seeking commercial agents for leadership and performance analysis software

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A UK company has developed a software that measures company and organisational cultures and the impact of leadership behaviours on employees to improve overall performance. Multiple sectors are supported and the SME is seeking commercial agency agreements.



UK software company established in 2017 with the aim to improve the performance and welfare of teams and leaders across the world.

Their software helps companies and organisations understand, track and maintain high performing leaders, teams and systems. It is used globally by some of the world's most successful companies and by world class sports teams. It provides a snapshot of team behaviour, so that leaders can focus on preserving what's working and also focus on what needs improving.

It uses an employee survey that provides an analysis across 6 key areas critical to team and leadership performance:
Goals, roles, processes, adaptability, connection and resilience.
Businesses can view which teams are performing and why.

The software user receives a report of data results and suggested solutions for any underperformance as well as recommendations for training that may be needed. They can also track the success of their training online (by seeing if performance has improved after the training has been delivered). Content on improvements in productivity and leadership can be made specific to a recipient’s needs.

The company is seeking partners worldwide who can sell their products to companies in their markets through a commercial agency agreement.

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This software has been used more than 25,000 times in over 20 countries by businesses to improve performance. The software measures culture, employee engagement and the impact of leadership on performance There is a built in operating system to manage the reports that are generated and to provide data comparisons The software provides an interactive web-based overview of results compared to the company’s operating model (which has been developed by research) as well as content to help teams and organisations improve their culture Surveys and campaigns to employees can be set up within a simple dashboard online Everyone completes quantitative and qualitative questions The result is an interactive report including advice and practical suggestions on how to improve the ‘climate' score in each section The use of data driven solutions assisted by machine learning results in improved decision making about what to do next The approach can either be a ‘snapshot' or ‘in depth measurement' Performance and wellbeing can be positively changed.

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The company is seeking commercial agency agreements. The partners will be business consultants, training providers. As a reseller, the partner can use the software with their own clients or sell profiles directly to the company/organisation to use independently. Reports can be provided to a reseller's or agent's network (purchased in bulk at a discounted rate providing significant profit margin); alternatively, a partner could incorporate the software service into one of their own e.g. to support a client in improving productivity or leadership impact.